02 June 2008

i broke the hipster scale today

Last night when I was stalling from doing homework, I took out some old aprons and gypsy skirts I've had since my hippie munchkin days and cut them up a good half foot. I haven't decided if I'll keep them under knee length a la Prada, or if above the knee is a better length considering my proportions.

Anyway, I went to the park and took pictures with Abigail. I heart you, Jew. (That's her nickname. I'm an asshole, I still have better sunglasses than you though, so nyaah~)

Maybe this should be renamed the inanimate object and flower appreciation blog.

This is me doing me best impression of a stalker from a weird B movie, except my moose is totally ruining the 'Booo the Amish Hat Girl is gonna kill you' effect.

I've been thinking of warped versions of Alice and Wonderland lately. Not surprisingly, I watched Pan's Labyrinth today. It made me cry. But then practically every movie I see makes me cry other than slasher flicks.

Yes, I wear glasses. And apparently, I have no upper lip. o_o

So this is a random list of what's on my Etsy Watch List. I absolutely am in love with every piece, no lie. If you'd like their contact info, just comment asking about which piece and I'll link you directly to the lot--I just haven't got time now! For the most part, everything is under $22, not bad at all. I might buy the dog necklace over the weekend, if I don't go vintage shopping...fat chance, though.

I look like a ghost.....

So do you like this setting? I'm trying to switch it up. Finals are in two weeks, so it'll be random for awhile but I'd like to appreciate what free time I can, haha.

Long time coming, but six random facts so I can get it out of the way:

  1. I swim competitively. My coach is Russian and has a lazy eye and reminds me of an Angry oompaloompa. In a totally awesome, if-you-don't-swim-1000 mtr in 20 min-I'll-beat-you-way.
  2. I have a (quite obvious) obsession with childhood objects. I never went through it as a kid so I'm going through it now...
  3. I'm half taiwanese, the other half is a mix of irish-italian. Made in Taiwan, yessir.
  4. I used to run a Harry Potter roleplay forum. I am an epic nerd.
  5. I like to jump on my bed to Enter Shikari and the Backstreet Boys.
  6. I pretty much live on yogurt, hot tea, and french fries. That's my diet.


Zoë said...

i am totally obsessed with Alice and Wonderland! My poem for english was from it haha its my favorite book xD

Urban Audrey said...

Haha...you do look like some sort of ghost, but its all good in the hood. Ghosts are fricking awesome anyway.

Oh yes, and I too am a member of a Harry Potter AND Lord of the Rings forum.....that was really embarassing to admit. Although i'm not one of those people who can speak elvish.....or am I??

p.s. I just realized I always comment on your blog late at night and I make all sorts of weird confessions....hence the harry potter/lord of the rings thing...I really need to stop talking

Amelia said...

I love the skirt! The picture with the rabbit-face over your head is amazing. Nice!

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

i love the sunnies!!and your floral printed skirt!!it is so much for summer!!and i love it!

Fashion Slacker said...

that outfit is pretty cool. so are those photos. and epic is such a grand word, isn't it? :)

Fashion Slacker said...

that outfit is pretty cool. so are those photos. and epic is such a grand word, isn't it? :)

the_kitten said...

I love those six little facts about you, but why never gone through the kid thingies? I also love the pictures, really sweet, you have awesome hair!

Belle said...

The_kitten: thank you! I saw you on lookbook, you look absolutely gorgeous in your maxi dress.

Fashionslacker: thank you. Yes, epic is pretty awesome.

Amelia: im glad my random decision to become a rabbit panned out.

Aizat cinta: <3 thank you!

The Clothes Horse said...

That sounds like a yummy diet. Sweet pics.

Pamela said...

Oh! i want to be part of a Harry Potter roleplay forum and for Lord of the Rings. I am also an epic nerd! For my last birthday i had a Harry Potter themed party with loads of games and my friends even made Butterbeer... It was awesome!
I love your skirt.

Knight Cat said...

i added you to my blog links, could you add me?



love your style :)

bewkworm said...

you did harry potter roleplay? oh my god, you just gave me fodder for a weeks worth of jokes, hillary clinton. please don't fire me though. and yeah, i do have mad photography skillz, don't i? yup, that's me, awesome in every single respect.

Belle said...

jew i still do, and I'll get all 450 plus of my fangirls and boys to beat you with their internet wands.

knight cat: sure thing. :) thanks!

LINDA said...

My goodness. You are fabulous. I love your skirt. <3

Btw, I /still/ go on Harry Potter RP forums just to stalk my old friends on the Cbox and listen as they rant about model gossip while choosing play-bys. xD

Belle said...

Linda: Half as fabulous as you, my friend.

AHAHAHA thats exactly what I do. Mathias Lauridsen has and always will be my play by of choice. Yes, I am so original...

LINDA said...

Rofllll. I could never play a guy, but I always loved Casey Taylor as a Lestrange. xD I bet we've run into each other before, but never realized it. Ahahah.

Belle said...

that'd be both wicked awesome and pathetic/shameful at the same time. xD i suck at playing girls. actually, in keeping up with roleplays in general...my muse is known for it's ADD.

emily said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
emily said...

HAHA i love you!!

(was that too much? whatevs)

Belle said...

xD i love you too!

(never too much love in the world girly!) by the way your blog makes me smile.

Biianca said...

hahahaha I love the rabbit photo!
lol. You are adorable! cute outfit!!!!

Nay'Chelle said...

I would seriously buy your skirt. Great job wit hthe apron.

Manhattan Posh said...

Very funny and cute. I love your style and site, it's so original and hilarious!

Charlotte said...

Hey! I like that skirt! and the setting is very nice, it seems like the spring has finally arrived!

Ella Arime Star said...

this blog is great ^_^ i love it!!
will add you to my links.

Steph said...

I've watched Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings more times that i actually tell anyone ;) your description of your coach was hilarious and your skirt is awesome btw!

Kira Fashion said...

sooo nice!
love your skirt!!

a kiss,
see you,

Ida said...

Loving the first picture, and your blog!! And who doesn't love Alice?:)) (Couldn't say the same about Harry Potter, sorry:))))

LINDA said...

Damn, girl. You have comments in amounts of epic proportions. But yes, it would be sort of pathetic if we have seen each other around. I could've sworn I knew a Belle, though... -shrug-

Anyway, LPN is up. We're linking, you hear me? ;o


Katia said...

Your pictures are so cute!
I love your skirtt!
And flowers, so woo for flower apreciation little section there =]

Belle said...

WOW, thanks for the comments ladies! Linda: durrrr. LPN looks gorgeous. It's ok, Ida, I don't even like the main character. Personally he's far too emo and self absorbed to me...
Katia: Aw, thanks! Next time I take pictures of flowers they'll be for you, then. xP Virtual bouquet.

jayne said...

LOVE YOUR BLOG! Would you like to trade links?

I have an alice in wonderland obsession currently too, I did a photo assignment where I decided to photograph literature & Alice was one of mine

Speaking of HP nerd, I used to write hp fanfic haha, so mega nerd too

oh and btw, just read some oscar wilde myself, he is amazing!

ed said...