25 June 2008

Epik High and Pretty Flowers

Four things I should probably say:

  1. I don't have a camera anymore, or a photographer. Abigail is out in Israel for two weeks roughly, and took the camera(s) with her! So for a while, you'll be seeing shitty Sidekick pictures. My apologies!
  2. My friends spoil me--they bought me breakfast, lunch, headbands and shoes! I'm going to miss them when they graduate next year. Blah.
  3. I put the studs on my (new) shoes. Hot.
  4. Sorry for being lame and not posting/commenting!
So my lovely, eternally beautiful Mary tagged me for the 7 songs tag thats been going around.
  1. Epik High: Fan. I am a total weeaboo.

  2. The Small Faces: Tin Soldier. This is my life anthem, this is my dad's. Some kids are like EW MY PARENTZ MUZAC R LAME, GTFO. Screw that, I absolutely love my dad's taste in music and I steal his iPod sometimes...ok, I've adopted it but whatever.

  3. One Republic: Say (All I Need).
  4. Coldplay: Viva la Vida + Violet Hill.
  5. Duffy: Mercy. I'm begging you for mercy ~
  6. The Virgins: Rich Girls. I am slain.
  7. Enter Shikari: Ok, Time for Plan B. What I would give to be in a mosh pit to them.
I'm not as into music as I was before, so I haven't been paying attention to the indie scene at all. Boo on me, I suppose. My hipster level has suffered immensely!!112121.

As a result of not having a camera anymore (believe me, I've asked around) I've taken to carrying around a full length mirror everywhere I go. I'm not kidding. This would be more impressive if I actually left the house.

My favorite jacket that has a hole in it. It's so ridiculously versatile I'm going to have to sell my soul to find a way to fix the hole.... must...wear..to...death.

And another. I am going to put a self-imposed ban on cut offs for a week to make up for my uniform lately. Blah. I went shopping the other day and corsets / Opening Ceremony has taken over my mind.. I saw all the F21/TwelvexTwelve stuff when I went shopping with Gabby, and some that wasn't on the website. Things that caught my eye:

I want it I want it I want it

I've been wearing yellow a lot lately ut I think my new color is bloody, cherry, violent red.


edit: my photobucket account's bandwidth is all used up (100 gb? really? i didn't know i was so popular.) but it should be fixed at the end of tommorow. excuse the uglyness.