25 June 2008

Epik High and Pretty Flowers

Four things I should probably say:

  1. I don't have a camera anymore, or a photographer. Abigail is out in Israel for two weeks roughly, and took the camera(s) with her! So for a while, you'll be seeing shitty Sidekick pictures. My apologies!
  2. My friends spoil me--they bought me breakfast, lunch, headbands and shoes! I'm going to miss them when they graduate next year. Blah.
  3. I put the studs on my (new) shoes. Hot.
  4. Sorry for being lame and not posting/commenting!
So my lovely, eternally beautiful Mary tagged me for the 7 songs tag thats been going around.
  1. Epik High: Fan. I am a total weeaboo.

  2. The Small Faces: Tin Soldier. This is my life anthem, this is my dad's. Some kids are like EW MY PARENTZ MUZAC R LAME, GTFO. Screw that, I absolutely love my dad's taste in music and I steal his iPod sometimes...ok, I've adopted it but whatever.

  3. One Republic: Say (All I Need).
  4. Coldplay: Viva la Vida + Violet Hill.
  5. Duffy: Mercy. I'm begging you for mercy ~
  6. The Virgins: Rich Girls. I am slain.
  7. Enter Shikari: Ok, Time for Plan B. What I would give to be in a mosh pit to them.
I'm not as into music as I was before, so I haven't been paying attention to the indie scene at all. Boo on me, I suppose. My hipster level has suffered immensely!!112121.

As a result of not having a camera anymore (believe me, I've asked around) I've taken to carrying around a full length mirror everywhere I go. I'm not kidding. This would be more impressive if I actually left the house.

My favorite jacket that has a hole in it. It's so ridiculously versatile I'm going to have to sell my soul to find a way to fix the hole.... must...wear..to...death.

And another. I am going to put a self-imposed ban on cut offs for a week to make up for my uniform lately. Blah. I went shopping the other day and corsets / Opening Ceremony has taken over my mind.. I saw all the F21/TwelvexTwelve stuff when I went shopping with Gabby, and some that wasn't on the website. Things that caught my eye:

I want it I want it I want it

I've been wearing yellow a lot lately ut I think my new color is bloody, cherry, violent red.


edit: my photobucket account's bandwidth is all used up (100 gb? really? i didn't know i was so popular.) but it should be fixed at the end of tommorow. excuse the uglyness.


Tavi said...

I love Duffy! Sorry about the cam situation, but it looks like you've gone to full extent to make it work (full length mirror...) and the pictures are still good! No worries. I love your floral tights, and the jacket is just swell. And the heels are awesome.
I can see you looking good in red, very chic!

Biianca said...

I love those floral tights so so much!
sorry about your camera situation!
I love all the forever 21 stuff
Ah its all great!!!

Sammie said...

Sweet songs. I love Viva La Vida, it reminds me of all the nerdy honor choir songs that I have.

I love those floral tights! I'd love to have a pair, but I always feel uncomfortable in tights.

Hmm, and your denim short situation? I should do the same, but cutoffs are all I have since I'm working as a camp counselor. Good luck with that though!

The Clothes Horse said...

LOVE the studded shoes and those floral tights. If your friends are so giving you should convince them to purchase you a camera! ^_-

Sharifa said...

The photographs at the end are amazing.
I love your jacket&denim cut offs!!
very cute=]

p.s-i linked you

Sharifa said...

The photographs at the end are amazing.
I love your jacket&denim cut offs!!
very cute=]

p.s-i linked you

Belle said...

rebecca: believe me, i've tried. they'll buy me the clothes i fancy, but letting me borrow their camera is something else entirely, apparently!

thanks for the comments everyone.

Ida said...

I just love your blog, your way of thinking and expressing yourself. Just awesome!

CoutureCarrie said...

The last 3 photos are awesome. And I looooooove your floral pattern tights!

Anonymous said...

where'd you get the tights?

Nay'Chelle said...

That jacket is pretty kick ass. Too bad it has a whole. I like your tights the the shoes wiht the studs added. too.

Anonymous said...

Dude, it gets better: we rolled a blunt in the Supreme Court bathroom and smoked it on the Capitol lawn! Haha. Thought you might enjoy that..

-you know who

steelcloset said...

The studs are a good look. You're being very resourceful with your sidekick camera. If that happened to me, I don' think I could get myself to use my blackberry to take pictures, it just doesn't look right.

Belle said...

anon: dskfjskfsfsdf HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that is the best shit ever. talk about law abiding citizens.

Wendy said...

Those shoes are awesome! You made them? How?

Ana said...

I lovers the description of you in your profile. It made me LOL. And your shoes are pretty smexy.
stop by me blog

The Clothes Horse said...

How do I know about what shoes you will covet? I'm a dream thief!

emma said...

love those shoes

Copycat Sasha said...

Your tights are cute but weren't you hot? I'm liking the yellow!

Kira Fashion said...

really fun tights :))

a kiss

Susan said...

Great post. There's just so much to comment on I don't know where to begin! I hate Coldplay usually but I just can't stop listening to Violet Hill! I love your tights and the studded shoes.

The Exception said...

I love that first Blood Orange/red dress. It looks so regal and stunning....oh to have an overflowing bank account...
I <3 your blog.
- exception

bewkworm said...

yo. it's almost midnight in jeruselem, and my mom's only got internet for 3 days, so don' expect to see me fir a while. good to know you aren't languishing without me. once i get back we can go shopping and take pictures and shit. i got some pretty cool shots where jesus was buried, not that you care. oh, andi my mom doesn't have aim, so i'm using this. i'm hanging with my little cousins, it's fun. our hotel has a kickass pool. and, your shoes are cool.

WendyB said...

Bwah! The idea of having a full length mirror with you outside the house is fabulous.

www.pony-ryder.blogspot.com said...

it looks strange but so cool. keep it going.

Blicious said...

nice pics. cute blog!

fashionfake said...

Those shoes look great!!
I've tagged you on my blog, but I see you've already been tagged for the 7 songs one, so you dont have to do it..

lilliebe said...

Woww those floral tights are amazing, as are your self-studded shoes!
I also really like the last collection of clothes, the floral bustier is especially nice.

Amelia said...

Those shoes are amazing with the tights!

monique said...

groovy tunes ;]
your blog is quite amazing actually
simple yet not boring at all lol
do you have a myspace?

ed said...