06 June 2008

i sold my soul for spiderman ice cream and also, i am psuedo hindu

Wooo, this week was super cool. Not in the way that I won the lottery or anything (although if half the messages I get were true I'd easily buy out Rupert Murdoch, jesus) but there were a bunch of little things that just made me smile. Some being:
  • Midnight saxophone serenade in the park to go to sleep by
  • Ice cream every day
  • Free vintage jewelery (thank you Vee!)
  • Going shopping tommorow
  • I won $34 million invisible moneys

The things I'm best at are: making fun of myself and Abigail. The second thing is awkward posing. This showcases both. Don't you feel special.

What first struck me about this skirt is that it's just so...stiff. And kind of ugly. Actually, really ugly when you first look at it up close. I was literally repelled by this dress a few months ago. And then, it's not. I grew to love the weirdly angled, stiff pockts and the faded florals for what they were: effing awesome.

You know what it's like to really want something badly and you dream about it, and eventually you have random outbursts in classes/working environment in which you bark, "GAH I NEED SHOES RIGHT NOW"? Yeah. That's been happening the whole week. I'm going to go tommorow and will refuse to leave until I buy at least two pairs.

I'm thinking one black heeled sandal and one candy colored pump. Ninewest and Aldo, most likely. Any suggestions?

I'm off to watch The Science of Sleep and drink hot tea. There will be several posts over the weekend so see you then!

Also, this is my wonderful photographer. So she can never, ever say I don't credit her ever again. =B Isn't she elfish?