14 January 2013

it's my birthday, i'll buy dior if i want to

It's my 20th birthday -- and also, the blogs 5th anniversary! It's strange that this blog has not actually changed my life, but actually gave my life direction? I don't know what person I'd be without fashion, and I wouldn't have fashion and the family I have within it if I didn't blog. It's given me so much, and I am so incredibly grateful. It gives me drive, it gives me family. I feel at home in it and discussing it and worshiping it and dreaming about it. I don't have an outfit post or anything for you today because I'm out and I don't have a tripod (or any photographer friends who can help me take photos without me spending ten minutes instructing them how to use a DSLR) but I do want to share some of my favorite things at the moment. I'll probably #treatmyself and pick one to get for my birthday, I haven't decided what.

1. Y's Yohji Yamamoto Harem Pants 2. Comme des Garcons Dress (from 2007, my fave era of CDG!) 3. Kaal e Suktae Line Detail Sparkly Skirt 4. Jil Sander Lace Up Brogue 5. Shourouk Ring 6. Valentino Sheer Trenchcoat 7. TBA Sheer Etta Dress

Birthday outfit!! 

   Birthday crown.

Snaps from my Los Angeles adventures so far. Disneyland (and dead birds) with my darling friend Lolita.

And my favorite happy music video on youtube. I'm going to bed now -- full day later on in Santa Monica, perhaps I'll see you around. To another year in blogging. Let's see where it'll bring us both.