16 January 2013

retro row

I hung out with my friend Mai, a beauty blogger I've known for awhile today. We went to Retro Row, a small line of shops in Long Beach. Very cute area, though there seems to be like, a serious shoplifting problem and every single storefront had a stern warning? I guess there's been like a series of shoplifters, what a bummer. Regardless, it's a super adorable area with affordable vintage.

Dress is by Blue Pepper (alternative to the Lover dress I want), Rebecca Minkoff MAB Mini , Nicole Miller Tights, Clear Creepers by Demonia (similar here)
I didn't pick up anything besides this vintage red leather jacket, but I'm happy with my purchase. I've been looking for a leather jacket that fits for years and I stupidly passed up on the perfect black one a year ago in Goodwill because it was a little too pricey for me ($50...I WAS BROKE!) but this one will do just fine (It was $125, I'm considering it a birthday present to myself, since I'm returning my  impulse purchase Furla bag). Trying to only buy things I can see myself using for years and years and years.

I've only a few more days here -- strange to think I've been in L.A for almost 3 weeks. Not that it feels like home or anything (VERY keen for my dirty Manhattan) but time slips I suppose. I'm happy to have finally hung out with some of my favorite people like Mitra and Marie and Mai and Coco though. I plan to travel a lot this year. I want polaroids for every friend and every nice memory.

K, I have to get back to writing (gotta make the guap). See you soon.