05 March 2010

i can't decide if minho is an axe murderer or if he DOES have flaming charisma and it is hurting my feelings

Ok perhaps it is the fact I have not gotten sleep in a couple of days and just got the most insane gift in the mail (which deserves it's own post, video, song and dance WHICH I WILL DO BECAUSE IT DESERVES IT!!!) but I'm looking at all these collections (and by "all" I really mean, like, 5, because I never go through every collection during fashion month because I would die at the computer and all I see are MOVIES! This is in part because film is my other girlfriend, besides fashion and besides my huge (imaginary) harem of kpop idols I keep in the basement. And of course, my boyfriend Orson Welles and my husband Anthony Perkins.

That was such an illiterate paragraph. I feel sorry for you if I read that. ANYWAY MOVING ON. FILM IS EQUAL TO FASHION IS EQUAL TO THIS POST. OK. SO.

Say, for example, Christian Dior:


If you've ever seen Top Hat (Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers) you must have seen Ginger in this collection! I am not crazy right? Equestrian and Feathers and Girlishness? SO GINGER. SO SO GINGER. Here is Ginger and Fred, in the gigantic ostrich outfit that made me laugh the entire sequence because feathers were going everywhere:

I mean this isn't my favorite Dior collection and I don't think it was even //new, it was mostly a continuation of the Couture collection but I don't really care, I still like it. It had personality. It was, I guess if you want to nail it down to something... "equestrian-boudoir chic"? I like the hair, I like the makeup, it reminded me of some of my favorite films. It wasn't innovative by any stretch of the imagination, but it's going to be sellable and it's fun, and I suppose that is the aim of a lot of houses right now. Also, I like how it still had a taste of crass, because Galliano is kind of crass (not an insult! I love him. He is my favorite fashion pirate.), so though the clothes can be classy, they are also a little messy. And that is okay.

And Lanvin! I like this collection more than the last one. Oh he is so cute, isn't he? Mr. Bowman. Lanvin was very Cleopatra wasn't it? Liz Taylor's Cleopatra. Aka reeking of sex and empowerment and she's gonna rule your men and your money AT ONCE.


I loved Cleopatra, but I like Liz Taylor in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof better because Paul Newman is in it and anything associated with Paul Newman is ten million times better than anything else ever. Paul Newman is the ultimate film boner. But anyway. Yes, Lanvin was wonderful. Thumbs up.

So anyway. Here is a peek on what goes on in my mind. I think about film a lot... and this post is pretty indicative of it. I hope you aren't freaked out by it. And if you are, that is ok, I am sometimes too.

So what other collections remind you of a film? Come on, it's not that hard.