27 February 2010

i am pretty sure i have accomplished becoming an old lady... minus the dentures


Fufufufufufu. My hair is fading pretty fast, so I figured I should cram in a bunch of pictures before it fades more / i act stupid and redye some colors in. Anyway. Let's see what I'm wearing!

Vintage hat comb barrette thing: Hello Again Vintage $10
Jacket: H&M Sales Rack $20 (this is the only thing I've gotten from them...in like two years.)
Sweater: Rodarte for Target, gift from Tavi + Rodarte + Target (I dunno who to thank really so thank you all??!)
Pink Lace Top: Mother's design
Brooches: All vintage. I am planning to cover the entire jacket, MUAHAHAHA. I eventually want it to be like this:

Galliano SS2010 from laia's pop blog. I AM SO IN LOVE.

The jacket is pretty shitty quality however so I am probably going to just hunt down a nice vintage trench and kill it with bling. After I find a trench I can hack to pieces for the commeblankettrench, because the commeblankettrench is essential to my future welfare.

Until the jacket magically appears, however, I shall drink tea and make awkward faces.

oh p.s the flakes on the jacket isn't (aren't?) dandruff, it's snow, fyi