26 February 2010

i went to hello again a few days ago

If you've been following my blog since the beginning (for which I applaud you, I go into my archives sometimes and want to punch myself in the face) you'll know I basically only shop at goodwill and my local vintage stores when I can. I haven't visited Hello Again in a long time because it's pretty out of the way for me and also happens to be awkwardly close to some people who I'm not close to anymore, but I went because I missed it. And they changed the layout and it's lovely!

vintage magazine clipping thingy

local designers necklaces up for grabs

Local designers often sell their work at the vintage stores here; Hello Again has tons of Jersey artists. Those necklaces are pretty rad, I want the green/white/pink one.






shoe shoes shoes
You can always get cheap vintage shoes here. Actually everything here for the most part is REALLY cheap. I'm talking $8 vintage, not $55 like in most vintage stores.

mens vintage

They have a small selection of menswear (they are a MINISCULE sized store, about the size of my room) but it's all good. I found this amazing Peter Jenson like ensemble in the mens section but it was too small for me. Sob.

For such a small store they always pack it to the top with good stuff. Abigail used to always leave with a ton of accessories.


I left with the pink hat in this picture and a slinky black dress (once again, the influence Kristin has on me is pretty scary) that I've been wearing under 23423424 layers of black and long long layers and peplums and chains.

H.A is owned by the sweetest people ever, I mean it. I haven't been there in ages, I went in there with a completely different look than the one I had last time I visited -- months ago -- but they still remembered me and were the sweetest people ever. If you go in there with even just a $20 to shop you can leave with a bunch of stuff and some new friends. I adore them.

On a different tangent... every so often I get emails asking where to shop in Jersey and NYC and I don't go shopping that often, but I did a post on it awhile ago. Hopefully it helps!