20 February 2010

i would try to be funny but im listening to Big Bang and am distracted by TOP's vulcan eyebrows


1. Random ring that is not important but matches the others well
2. Brad Walsh Ring
3. Brad Walsh Ring

My twitter buddy Brad sent me a couple of rings the other day (thank you mister) and while I haven't gotten around to outfit photos -- waiting for photos of me at Fashion Week to surface, since I am truthfully both lazy and narcissistic, let's be honest here -- I couldn't help but take photos of the rings today while the light was good and my self manicure was still decent!


They are really lovely and architectural, I'm totally stoked to wear them out. Modern steampunk rings yeah? Yeah. I like to imagine I'll bump into Leigh wearing hers out and we can bond over how chill a dude Brad is and then magically being in the same airspace as Leigh will make me as pretty as her and we share closets and become bffl and Kristin will be jealous and try to kill me but Leigh will be like "nooo, let's all be BFFL" and then we all live in a large shoe filled to the brim with Lanvin....and this makes me sound like a creeper, wow.

But yes! I genuinely dig these rings. I am a ring and hat and shoe person, and these have my stamp of approval. You'll probably see them all around soon enough. :)