25 March 2010

if someone killed you, they would dump your body but use your jacket as a picnic blanket.

Couldn't stand being mostly platinum blonde so I added more colors in.



Just wanted something comfortable to wear. My version of the sweatpants look, if you will. Albeit in five inch wedges BUTTTT whatever.

Jacket: Another Mans Treasure, Vintage, $9
Cardigan: Rodarte for Target, gift
Shirt: Cheap Monday, gift
Jodhpur Pants: Zara, gift (I think I need an intervention for jodhpur/harem pants... I have way too many.)
Shoes: vintage, Beacon's Closet (?), $15
Accessories: Vintage

College admissions notifications start coming in on Friday ugdfkgdfjgdfgkjh head to desk incoherent thoughts sob sob sob

When I saw this jacket I basically screamed. I love anything patterned as you well know, and this will go so perfect with my recreation of the Spring/Summer 1997 Comme Des Garcons Collection (YES, THE CANCER BULGE ONE). I already have the checkered dress-suit and this will just clash perfectly. I'm still getting the guts to wear it outside my house though. I mean god, that collection was the reason I got into fashion, the introduction to Kawakubo for me, but I am still petrified of wearing basically cancerous bulges intentionally. One day I shall do it though. And I'm sure it will be awesome.

Ok back to listening to Phillip Glass and sobbing dramatically about how my life may spiral out of control more than usual this week.