11 March 2010

awkward turtles in the rich ghetto

shes a brown skinned woman but i love her just the samee~~

OH MAN GUYS LOOK YOU SEE MY FULL FACE FOR ONCE, HOLY MOLY. Too bad this was the one day in like two weeks where I did not actually style my hair (hence the hat) and also I had maybe 2 hours of sleep because people in other time zones control my social life now. Anyway. Introducing Kat! She is one of my favorite commentors and twitter buddies and she came down to Jersey City for the day to hang out. I took her around Hello Again and for some bubble tea.



I really like her shoes. Also, I have the same pants as her. I have multiple pairs of harem pants, and multiple pairs of sequin harem pants. I am a big believer in surplus okay? I think I have harem pants and tablecloth skirts to last me a month.


It sucks I can't take outfit photos all that often but whenever a blogger comes to visit or we meet up we're both stoked: we know how awkward it is to stand in the middle of a street and pose while also flipping off bystanders who walk by multiple times veryyyyy slowllyyyyy

awkward shuffle shuffle pose

detail shot

I think this jackets been on the blog quite a few times, and this skirt too. But anyway:

  • Jacket: Vintage gift from old teacher (she got it vintage when she was in school)
  • T-shirt: Mine! Buy it on the sidebar and be my bff forever.
  • Necklace Scarf Ball Thing: Vintage mink balls of mink balls that are of mink and are in the shape of balls
  • Skirt: Vintage Junko Koshino! It's my moms, part of a suit. It's ankle length but I folded it up for this outfit. I've been wearing it floor length in most cases though.

Junko Koshino was one of the first Japanese designers to make it "big", from Tokyo to Paris. Really a first wave designer, even before Yohji and Rei in Paris. I feel very fortunate to have a suit-set from Junko. I don't know where I put the jacket though. If I lost it... >_________> I didn't lose it, because that would mean I am a horrible person who is going to vintage-designer!hell where there will only be terrible mullets and ugly crocs. /denial denial denial denial