02 August 2008

god dammit

How bad ass hooker fabulous are these? I want to hate them but they've been on my mind since they first hit the blogosphere a few months ago. I really should hate them because they could seem so tasteless on some chicks but paired with a frothy dress or a bubble skirt and sheer crayola knee high socks they scream to me GETT MEEE ANDD BECOMMEE A HOOOKERRRRR.

So yeah. I'm off to hooker camp so when these babies come in the mail (and oh, they will) I shall be all prepped to don my pink lacey dress (you know, the one in my head) and boa (I have several) and parade out like it ain't no big thang.

I've been in the house too long. ABIGAIL. SAVE. ME.

*I am not actually going to hooker camp. Just west side avenue to feed the starving hookers. It's a pastime of my family when we get bored..... I'm only half kidding.