11 August 2008

hala at yo grl (...screw you, blayne.)


So this is where we got the tutu dress. Hala Vintage is really conveniently located near my lunch spot for school so me and Abigail have decided once we have jobs / semblance of a life we'll probably have scones and a vintage 50's dress for lunch. How delicious would that be?


I actually came across the store early last year on my way back from my lunch spot with Jaime. It's not exactly visible if you're not looking for it -- it's between a row of houses on a side street, with a tree nearly obscuring the single sign that shows it's a store in the first place. But that makes it's discovery all the more pleasant.


In my post on where to shop in NJ, I mentioned Hala fleetingly, mostly on their accessories. And oh, they are epic. Floor to ceiling shoes, hats, bags, brooches, necklaces... probably the most organized shoe collection I've seen in the stores I go to in NJ. Hands down, the best bag collection.


Whoever has 6.5 feet, I truly loathe you. How sweet are these?


So close to buying these, $25. Gorgeous color and I like the design.



Ugh, my photos of the hats don't do them justice. Dita would probably buy up the entire store's collection... they're incredible.




I want that.


Gorgeous, impeccably kept dreses of all fabrics and textures. I particularly liked the one at the left end, it was a maxi dress with a Prada fairy tale print capelet. The purple was really lovely too.


Gingham, Plaid, and Checkered dresses and skirts were in abundance here and I just couldn't get this particular one out of my head. They have a wicked dress collection though.



Damn you and your epic embroidery.




Ignoring Abigail's obvious attempt at camwhoring.... the brooches = epic win. If I was not a stingy d-bag and have an aversion to buying accessories (I think I've spent a whopping $1 on accessories in my life) I'd buy the whole table.


You know I love the big, out of control orange flower brooch.

Hala also presents fashion & lingerie shows annually, which are awesome and the people are great AND a great deal of the models are from my school. Oh yeah. 'Nerdia Pride people.

The prices range from $20 to the hundreds-- think NYC -- but it's because the clothes are so superbly kept and a great deal of them are designer as well. Betsy Johnson Pink Label, Westwood, etc, etc. Background research is on the tags for everything, so you know the decade of the dress which is more than I can say for other stores. If you're looking for a statement piece you will find it here for a price better than any SoHo boutique, with better service and most likely come out with the dress you never knew you wanted.

Wow, that sounded really cheesy. Oh well, it's true.