05 August 2008

pearls and heels and cotton swirls

Sometimes, you want to dress all in LEATHUHHHH and studs , other times you want to be girly and wear bows, upon bows, upon pearls, upon florals, upon pearls..... this was one of the days. It is also, apparently, a signal for every man in my neighborhood to hit on me. If they were not 30-80 years of age and in unmarked white vans this would not be as alarming.

Also, one of my friends got kicked out of the program we're in for a stupid reason. Sucks, because he was the only attractive person in the whole campus. It's alright, I suppose.. just no more eye candy on campus. But whatever, we shall be seeing more of each other soon. Very soon. Can you see me cackling wickedly? Because you should.