21 August 2008

lesson in life

When you need something done, you should:

A) Get a sweatshop of your Asian friends to hem while you eat yogurt.
B) Get a sweatshop of your parents to hem -- seeing as they're former DESIGNERS and they COULD DO IT IN THEIR SLEEP.
C) Get the old lady down the block that likes to make sweaters out of her curtains to hem while you eat stale crackers
D) Do it yourself.

Quiz time.



Wendy said...

I thinking A, because thats what azn friends are for.

Haha and when did you send out the package, jw? I'm scared it might be lost.

Arabelle said...

i resent it after i sent you the email wondering where yours was, i think. definitely a few days before i got yours.

postal service = LAME. I just got my T magazine copies.

Amelia said...

Wow, amazing jacket. Epic win. I'm thinking a sweatshop of old ladies.

Sahel said...

love your jacket!

Ben said...

OMG you have balls. I always knew you were hiding them in your pocket.

Anna Shapiro said...

Oh my gosh,
love the jacket.

Would you like to trade links?
like, umm, idk what blogs you think are like good enough to link up with, but if you would maybe possible check mine out?
if you dont have time thats cool too, im sure your very busy, like you are an aweomse writer and stuff, nd all your posts.

um ya
nice jacket.

bewkworm said...

i bet it was C, you burst into some poor old ladies house and whippout out the jacket, being all "hey old bitchface, sew for me or i'll eat your grandkids!" that's totally how it went down, right? right.

mary said...

become a tranny
it would make us reproducing sooo much easier!

Animal said...

would you liike to link?

Lana said...

I would pick A too, but I will help them out and not eat yogurt:P.

And I like your glitter jacket!

Dee. said...

i love your jacket.
link and comment?


Hi from Paris

yes yes, that is a great jacket
but what is funny is your attitude , glamour like a top model

i should have visited your blog before for my ten commandments
my fifth i just posted is called "womem you make laugh"

i'll be very glad to switch link with a such stylish girl like you

cheers from Paris


Kelsie.Lynn said...

haha i love A but no yogurt...i hate dairy =p

oh an im obsessed with your skirt in this picture...but love the jacket too. im guessing vintage?

check out my blog&comment please =]

Isabel said...

Gahhhh, a sequin jacket? I'm choking on your awesomeness.

LEESH said...

you're jacket is sex.

Anna Pope said...

A because friends should always, ahem, help out!

Gorgeous jacket.

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