26 August 2008

i feel like i'm in in a ghetto wonderland

Holy shit my head hurts, rahh. Anyway I hung out with Steph (EPIC. SKIRT. WANT. NOW.), Emma (who by the way is ridiculously pretty, I am unworthy~) and Jew (happy birthday, bitch) today. I am too tired to think so I will summarize:
  • Shopping shopping awkward silence shopping
  • Peanut butter pancakes and shopping
  • Don't Show Your Chocha dresses galore
  • The Virgins-type rolled pants, pretty people trying too hard
  • Talking about Swedish Fashion Bloggers
  • Shopping shopping
  • Trying to convince Jew that haute couture IS NOT POINTLESS AND STUPID
  • Tea and lemon drizzle cake
  • More shopping
  • Trying on Comme de FUCKING GARCONS skirts, dying inside that it's $180
  • Spotting Alexander Wang LAST FUCKING SEASON ZIP UP BOOTS and MARGIELA HEELS, dying inside and too scared to check the price

Blah. Anyway I was a dutiful person and took pictures. Unfortunately my camera is wack so they came out.... ODD.

From one of the stores we went to (we went to my regular haunts in the city). No pictures of Tokio 7 though, we were too busy being label whores. It's allowed if we don't buy any!

It's like my camera was on acid. Anyway, I'll wear my buy (mmm maxi length lace and linen skirt) in a future post. Until then, me and Stephanie are assholes, and we agree on one thing:

I do not want to see your ass cheeks before high tea.


foxyroxy48236 said...

I'm seriously jelous of all the adorable vintage shops near you!! near me there are only malls and boutiques that carry the same clothes... blah!

instantvintage said...

Booooooooo! I want to go on a shopping trip with other people who are clothes fiends like me!


Thanks for the add, Anabelle. =D

Wendy said...

Oh man, totally agree about that Brittney wannabe, not chic!

emma said...

aww thanks!!! it was great meeting up briefly before i had to run to my exciting excel class

bewkworm said...

wow, those pictures are cool. it's like your camera has a coolness filter installed. so... jealous...

Anna Pope said...

You guys look like you had an amazing day. Looks like you did some amazing shopping!

Odd photos are always better than no photos, that's what I think.

Amen to the last part!

susie_bubble said...

I like Tokio 7 too.... the one time I went there....

Amelia said...

That sounds like fun. I like the pictures.

LEESH said...

your blog is so entertaining! what a great post!

Clara said...

We can thank Nylon magazine for ~inspiring~ people to cut up pillowcases and wear them outside.

Tavi said...

You stylish juniors with your unattainable CDG skirts and style stalkerly pictures! Looks like fun. Now you've already met Steph and Maddy so I guess I'll have to find other chicago bloggers to help me convince you to visit.

Shade said...

sounds like a splendid day! haha the britney wannabe so funneh!

Anne Marie said...

those pictures actually came out nice, the jacked up camera added a nice flare to them :]

Erin said...

Those photos turned out trippily awesome! I wish I could find some other Oregonian bloggers to hang out with... I don't think there are many. :P

The Clothes Horse said...

What an awesome meet-up. I'm surprised the city didn't implode with your combined forces.

Nay'Chelle said...

Wow, it looks like this was an epic occassion. And yes, B-Brit but cheeks are not okay.

ed said...