26 August 2008

i feel like i'm in in a ghetto wonderland

Holy shit my head hurts, rahh. Anyway I hung out with Steph (EPIC. SKIRT. WANT. NOW.), Emma (who by the way is ridiculously pretty, I am unworthy~) and Jew (happy birthday, bitch) today. I am too tired to think so I will summarize:
  • Shopping shopping awkward silence shopping
  • Peanut butter pancakes and shopping
  • Don't Show Your Chocha dresses galore
  • The Virgins-type rolled pants, pretty people trying too hard
  • Talking about Swedish Fashion Bloggers
  • Shopping shopping
  • Trying to convince Jew that haute couture IS NOT POINTLESS AND STUPID
  • Tea and lemon drizzle cake
  • More shopping
  • Trying on Comme de FUCKING GARCONS skirts, dying inside that it's $180
  • Spotting Alexander Wang LAST FUCKING SEASON ZIP UP BOOTS and MARGIELA HEELS, dying inside and too scared to check the price

Blah. Anyway I was a dutiful person and took pictures. Unfortunately my camera is wack so they came out.... ODD.

From one of the stores we went to (we went to my regular haunts in the city). No pictures of Tokio 7 though, we were too busy being label whores. It's allowed if we don't buy any!

It's like my camera was on acid. Anyway, I'll wear my buy (mmm maxi length lace and linen skirt) in a future post. Until then, me and Stephanie are assholes, and we agree on one thing:

I do not want to see your ass cheeks before high tea.