14 August 2008

destination tokyo: aka heaven

I just came across Nozomi Ishiguro and fell in love. Hard. It's no surprise though, seeing as he worked for my favorite house, CDG. I'm kind of sad he's not as successful as the CDG breakout designers, because he truly deserves the hype and seriously... what the hell is not perfect with every. single. piece?

I need this dress please give it to me please and thank you

It's so fun and childish and I want those leather pants and pretty much every piece right nowwww.


Art as fashion. Pattern pattern textures structure OH THE AESTHETIC IS SO PERFECT AHHHHH.

Susie could explain this designer's work or at least a literate opinion of it so much better than me, but I'm lazy and I trust you all to gather your own opinions. The reason I fancy designers such as Nozomi is probably because I have a vastly different style. I'd love to experiment with fabrics and textures in outfits like the ones Nozomi creates, though. No limits = best results.