16 August 2008

it's no big deal, i'm just going to die immediately

Mom: Hey, my friend just called, I have a surprise for you.
Me: Mhm?
Mom: You're going to church camp!
Me: Hahaha, no, really.
Mom: What makes you think I'm kidding?
Me: ..............you
are fucking kidding right?
Mom: Get in the car.

This situation is made even more pathetic by the facts:
  1. I am not Christian
  2. I am called the Anti-Christ by my friends (who are only half kidding)
  3. I am not Christian (see above)
  4. She is not Christian either, hence giving us no incentive to go to said church camp
But, putting aside I was in church camp, it was pretty fun and they are some of the nicest people I've met. We have obvious differences in religious outlook, clothing preferences and the like but that doesn't mean we didn't become friends. They are kind people, and I enjoyed being in their company.

Also, I cannot dislike Asian people in general, so it's hard to say anything bad about them anyway.