16 August 2008

it's no big deal, i'm just going to die immediately

Mom: Hey, my friend just called, I have a surprise for you.
Me: Mhm?
Mom: You're going to church camp!
Me: Hahaha, no, really.
Mom: What makes you think I'm kidding?
Me: ..............you
are fucking kidding right?
Mom: Get in the car.

This situation is made even more pathetic by the facts:
  1. I am not Christian
  2. I am called the Anti-Christ by my friends (who are only half kidding)
  3. I am not Christian (see above)
  4. She is not Christian either, hence giving us no incentive to go to said church camp
But, putting aside I was in church camp, it was pretty fun and they are some of the nicest people I've met. We have obvious differences in religious outlook, clothing preferences and the like but that doesn't mean we didn't become friends. They are kind people, and I enjoyed being in their company.

Also, I cannot dislike Asian people in general, so it's hard to say anything bad about them anyway.


Lady_V said...

I'm glad that christian camp wasn't the hell you thought it was going to be.

Also does idk (label for the belt) mean i don't know or is that a label I haven't heard of?

p.s. do you have twitter?

Ben said...

HA! I always get the first comment, I"m pretty sure I"m a pedophile. wow church camp, your life has gone WAY downhill. What a great surprise. "I have a surprise belley!", " what is it?" ," YOU HAVE CANCER WOOOOOHOOOOOO"

Arabelle said...

idk = i don't know.

nope, no twitter. the sidebar thingy on the right with what i'm thinking works fine for me though. :P


Ben said...


*slits wrists*

jaime said...

i seriously thought your parents were sending you to an isolated convent when you told me that you were on your way to a nunnery yesterday.

but i'm glad you're fine and that you're still the same demonic arabelle!

Lady_V said...

sorry ben =P

The Clothes Horse said...

Oh dear! Good to here camp wasn't too terrible for you! LOVE the outfit. Bow belts, stripes, blazers, and gorgeous long hair? Too good.

Ben said...


Lady_V said...

Excuse me mister, I don't think so.

Amelia said...

Wow, that's so bizarre. At least church camp hasn't influenced your clothing choices. I love both outfits with the striped top. It works really well with both the blazer and the skirt.

Nying said...

This is unreal.. I'm so completely, utterly inspired... and is it just me or does Ben remind you of that boy that managed to stick his whole index finger up his nose while sitting next to you in the class and telling you stories about dinosaurs and ants...

BTW - Christian Camp... I've heard involved a lot of singing.. lovely is it?

Shade said...

Haha i wouldve freaked out if that happened to me. But at least you had a fairly good time. ;)

Farren said...

my mother always tells me the church walls would fall down if i ever stepped into a church. haha.

Anna Shapiro said...

Church Camp, eh?

The way you talked about it to your mom,
i was convinced you were going to come back in a strait jackt singing "kumboyah"

glad that didn't manage to happen.

Hannah Cheeto said...

Church Camp... ha. Ha. Ha. Both of the outfits are amazing though, and btw I tagged you!

Aurelia said...

Hahaha, I love what you said about Asian people (seeings as I'm one). I can only imagine being made to go to church. To me, that's like being told to wear crocs and mum jeans.

Fashionistadiary said...

i would have died and refused flat out! sounds like it wasnt too bad after all? great look btw

Wendy said...

I love how you wear stripes, each outfit being very different. And the bow with the puffy skirt is brilliant!

biz said...

good post

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Isabel said...


AFitz said...

I too was forced to go to church camp once by my non-christian family. It was the worst week of my life. Glad you had better experiences.

Nice blog, btw.

LEESH said...

hhaahhaha what a funny post.

great outfits

zoe8 said...
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