03 August 2008

your wang is showing

If you are too lazy to do DIY on a skirt to get the A/W Fall Look, you could go to your local Charlotte Russe and get this instead. It's on the long side but whatevs, it's ready made right?

I'm making collages instead of cleaning my room, but it's not finished so you'll see in in a later post. Until then, I went through polyvore and my friend's polyvores are just terrifyingly gorgeous. This is not helping my longing for winter.

Mmmmmm......busy patterns and atypical grandma inspired skirt and tee combo. Welcome to my wardrobe. If you look at it too much though, you'll probably have a vintage overload and crawl into a corner full of understated fierceness full of Helmut Lang, Rick Owens and Alexander Wang. I know I do. What I'd give for a black silk jumpsuit....

Also: Some chicks IM'd me about the shoes I bought, you can get them here. They still have all sizes at the moment, 6-11 I think so get them while you can.

Edit: Someone appreciates the epicness that is Secret Diary of A Call Girl. It is totally inappropriate for someone of my age but since I have the mind of a 30 year old woman (or so my English Teacher says....) it's naturally my favorite show EVER. Sister Wolf = awesome.