12 August 2008

be my american boy

new shoes

new shoes 3

new shoes one

new shoes two

You know I HAD to do the obvious combo of torn jeans with this. Nevermind I've been wearing this outfit for more days than deemed healthy. (I just eat ramen and watch the olympics all day long.) I'm gonna try out the skankiest ways to wear these first and get it out of my system. Oh white leather corset, I hear you calling....

I'm going to the animal shelter today to play with kittens (cutest way to fulfill volunteer hours? Yes?) and then to feed my hookers. As long as I'm not mistaken as one I'm happy.

Yeah, I probably will be, in these shoes. I'll take their money, run away and buy even more hooker shoes!


edit: I got the tights from a local Liquidator Store (which means the stock constantly changes) during Christmastime for like $4. American Apparel has a similar style in several colors for $20, but I'm sure you can get some from Macy's or The Sock Drawer for $5.