31 August 2008

new york fashionistas

quick non scheduled post:

My all time favorite vintage store, Another Man's Treasure is having a Fall 50 % off sale. They have the most epic selection of vintage clothes and to slash prices for THAT MUCH is kind of amazing. It'll be up all week but a lot of the stuff is going fast (meaning, a lot of dresses are gone already) so go now!

I'll be dropping by later in the week but I seriously doubt there will be anything !!!!!! left in 5 days.... so go now if you are in NYC / NJ area. (And I know you are, Fashion Week is drawing closer...)

Take the PATH to Grove St. from NYC and walk one block north. It's the place where all the really well dressed people are probably jumping around with bags of t-shirts and dresses.......

P.S Tell Meika (store owner) Arabelle from Fashion Pirates sent you. :)

P.P.S YAY JAPAN FASHION WEEK'S LIST CAME UP SO STOKEDDDD. Lots of old faces, lots of unknown. I do wish JP's FW got more recognization... them, CCM presentation, and Copenhagen's FW are my favorite fashion weeks. Sadface.