17 August 2008

fashion flipside

My aunty dearest emailed me a flyer for Fashion Flipside, a festival on the Lower East Side. Sounded cool, so I went with Abigail (F MINUS ASSISTANT, WHO FALLS ASLEEP DURING A RUNWAY SHOW?!). We arrived late but did see some pretty nice outfits, got free soda, got into our daily bitch fights with each other, and pet random dogs.

It was no Alexander McQueen HC but then again, it was just a show displaying clothes from boutqies on Orchard, Bleeker & Stanton so it wasn't to be expected. That said, it was still fun to watch for me and I took pictures for you all.



A great deal of the dresses are a bit TOO chocha friendly, if you know what I mean? It's probably because the models are all legs (for which I say I HATE YOU) but yes, I did see a flash of butt and I don't know if I'd pay boutique prices for something that barely covers my ass. I was digging this dress though, it's lacy and frou-frou.


This reminded me of Antoine Peters for some unknown reason (love you Antoine, your new collection rocks), and that chick that got eliminated from Project Runway for her anticlimactic dress. I like it, kinda? Ruffles = key to my heart, it's too juvenile for me to fall in love with though. Even ignoring the Lil' Mama pose.


I love love love this girl, she such a bombshell. My dad thinks she looks too Disney Princess in this photo, whatever. She has an ass, she has an epic cut, and I could mimic this look in a second with a quick trot to f21.


Cochas beware. This mini dress is very cute, and Mr Hat guy is very appreciative. Too much. Really.


Walk walk walk swish swish swish swish.


Ooooh Lanvin-y bellows! I loved watching her walk. I dislike the pattern on the material they used (jersey) because it made it look cheap. Then again any nod to Lanvin is on slippery territory for me... the original is just too fierce to touch.


Ignore the outfit. LOOK AT HER HAIR. I WANT IT. NOW.


Hmmm... is all I can say. I am such a helpful and articulate reviewer, right?


Oh hai there, Express months past gradient cocktail dress. How nice of you to show.


One of my favorite models, she reminds me of Chictopia. I want the skirt. Color combo = Richard Chai, pleats = "too many ideas in mah head" girl on Project Runway.

Oh, but my favorite look and model. Too fierce, just too fierce.

hooker fabulous

Call me. I'll be in this, waiting. *winks, walks back to corner*