13 August 2008

i am a radio star and by god i demand hot fanboys

Jew's dad has a new radio show and I spent like 30 minutes trying to get on just to say "HI ABIGAILS DAD CAN I COME OVER ON SUNDAY?"


Yeah, I've been wearing the same kinds of things for a week now? It's so easy to throw on tights and boots and call it a day. I'll stop tomorrow... maybe.



I went to G-ma's again yesterday to introduce Abigail to the clan there. You never know who you'll come across there, my neighborhood rocks.

I found a bunch of pimp necklaces next to a new stock of bulletproof vests, right over the toddler dresses. I laughed so hard I couldn't not buy one. *points to necklaces above* It was between the lion and the revolving basketball.

I think I' going to buy that dress from AMT. Goodbye, $52, hello, dress that haunted my dreams.