14 August 2008

reasons to love humanity

Today. was. epic.


I finally got Wendy's swap package, and it is awesome. I love you Wendy! I am so friggin excited to wear the skirts, and the necklace / possible belt is a welcome addition to my collection. I clink everywhere I go now, I love it.

wendy rocks

Wendy gave me:
  • Super awesome black leather pencil skirt. Can you say, badass?
  • Pouf skirt (seen next to my legs, the green/white/pink) she made herself for me
  • Awesome crinoline-ish long skirt I will wear as a dress
  • Shiny beady necklace
  • A smile
Here's a better picture of what she gave me.
I love you Wendy.

I also went to the Goodwill near my house. It was my first time going there in several years so I was curious if all they had were XXXXLLLL dresses and shirts like last time. Oh. But they DIDN'T.


Perfect blazer. The most wicked color purple, amazing condition and zippers! I am a total and complete zipper whore. It fits like a charm. When I went to the blazer section and pulled out a bunch of blazers to try on, the old guy who was following me (I don't know..) was amazed I was going to buy so many. "You're going to buy ALL THOSE?!" "Uhm. Yeah...?" "Hahahaha. Have a goodddddd day." If it didn't sound so creepy I would have said something else... >_>



Striped tank, I've needed one for ages but H&M is too much of a hassle to get to. I'm very happy I found this for $2. Black lace pencil skirt. I was looking for a black pencil skirt for my friend (I am the unofficial personal shopper of about 5 of my friends) but I'm keeping this one...


I went to Another Man's to buy the dress and Meika gave it to me as a gift! I am so thankful / honored/ amazed at the kindness of the people I have met through the blog and this tops it. Thank you thank you thank you! I will cherish it always, and always, and always. So seriously guys, GO THERE OR I WILL BEAT YOU WITH LACE COVERED ARMS.


Mhm. I shop for my blog friends as well as my real life friends. Both mean a lot to me so I like to shower them with presents. This might make me seem like a good person, but 98% of the time I am a naggy clingy imposing ho, and will make everyone else do whatever I want them to do (as Abigail can vouch for).


I bought this sailor jacket not to wear, but because it was just too cute to leave behind! I was thinking of Ms. Flying Saucers and other Vintage Queens of the Blogosphere.

I'll be putting it up on etsy but it you'd like it before hand just email me and we can work something out.

P.S When did Charlotte Russe actually get cool? I went in today and they had the sickest black zipper dresses a la Helmut Lang, an amazing black pouf skirt and a very cute plaid dress. I might actually go back and buy the dress instead of going vintage shopping later in the month... it was that fierce. I don't see any of the stuff I liked online though.. odd. But seriously, LOVE the zipper dress.

Today was a good day. I love people.