21 August 2008

the clack clack kids and the adventures of the orange tutu

Petticoats + Prints Everywhere + Eighties References + Total refusal to be normal + Napolean & John Galliano = !!!!

The other day, Tavi and I were talking about how to find designers & the emo sack that is Miley Cyrus. Somehow it resulted in me finding even more designers. We're magicians of pop culture and fashion, what can I say?

Basso & Brooke. I know, before you even read this paragraph a great deal of you fashion runway guru's will say, "Oh, psh, the girl didn't know them before? And she calls herself a fashion blogger?" Oh pfft. There's a first time for everything.

Said to be geeky, glamorous, playful and a new brand of cyberpunk, one can't really disagree when you spot all the references to various head honchos: Galileo, Da Vinci, Louis XIV, Barberousse, Napoleon, Madame da Pompadour. Hi there sick headpieces. Hi there, fierce patterns.

Their most recent collection (they didn't present this year.... sigh) parallels the 90's minimalist throwback & somberness of the recent shows and trends on the streets....which is effing awesome. I love me some rebellion. In the endless sea of chic~, understated~, and casual~ everything that will come in fall and winter, it would be lovely to see someone in say, graphic leggings with an orange tutu and a zebra print cardigan, or a flying penis print dress (okay, maybe not, they made one anyway). It's like the fashionably aware 9 year old I failed to be, you know?

Besides, this quote from Style.com sealed the deal for me.
Is it scary to see women apparently styled after the look of Eastern European hookers? Certainly...
I wanna be a scary Eastern European hooker. In designer print overload. Hellz yeah. Who's with me?

P.S I have an entire label dedicated to hookers, I am such a drty jrsy grl

On an entirely different note, I have a surprise for you all this weekend. Muaha.ha.