09 August 2008

leathuuhhhhhh and cross dressing

haha, leathuhhh everywhere. Anyway, I went shopping with my two best friends, Jew and Hipster Jaime. Consonants ROCK. I don't think I've ever posted a picture of my manbitch, so to get to know him better, here he is.


First stop was Another Man's Treasure. I found three lovely dresses. This was the one most in y price range -- $52. I've never spent that much money on one dress but it's so lovely! I put it on hold so I can think about if it's worth that much to me or not.... I only have $80 to spend and I want to get as much as possible! There's a blog meetup later this month and I want to have money to shop then as well. Opinions? I have a week.


"So Clothes Horse." Really lovely dress, I'd have to alter it and bring it up a bit to fit my bust and it's a hassle. I'm sure it would look fantastic on Rebecca though. $65...? I forget.


WHY IS THE PERFECT DRESS OUT OF MY PRICE RANGE. $95. It makes me feel like a princess, I wish I had more to spend... The print reminds me of Prada's fairy tale themed collection. IT. IS. SO. FLATTERING. Ugh.


....annddd what we ended up getting. It was $20, and ironically, from another vintage store in the area. It's got stains but that's why it was so heavily discounted. I'm trying to convince Abigail to let me chop off the top part (the bust doesn't fit either of us) so it would be a skirt instead. It'd be perfect with an AA heathered sweatshirt...


Sneak peak of the next post. I wonder what store this is...? ;] Hyuk hyuk hyuk.