07 August 2008

i don't want your cancer brownies

Sweater; mums
White Tank Dress; f21
Tights; Sock Drawer
Shoes; Another Man's Treasure

Last day of camp, I walked out of the graduation ceremony. I feel like I've been let out of jail. Now I'm watching Garbo movies and her shiny, shiny pants are entrancing me. She was one of the first actresses to wear pants... and having sequined, shiny leggings and a swedish accent = Fashion / Life Icon. She was also possibly lesbian (lesbian superqueen Mercedes de Acosta was her friend to turn into stalker) but then Marlene Dietrich was bisexual, and I guess their sexuality at their time made them all the more ~glamorous.

And there is your Classic Movie class of the day! Give me chocolate for my kindness.

Mmmmm, there's a tea party I'm co-planning for my best friend. In the City... any recommendations? I like theatrics, she dislikes trendiness. Anything in between with good scones and good for a small group (4...?) would be lovely.

P.S I did not realize I matched my kitchen / was doing a Garbo impression until I looked at the pictures. Sweet.

Ms. Fashion Blanket! I miss your blog. Tell me when you're free for a shopping spree my friend. Multi blogger meet up sound fun?