28 August 2008

wtf: charlotte russe

Behold, my lazy ass polyvore.

Did they get a new design team or something? I am seriously digging these pieces lately...the zipper heels are the only rip offs of the Louboutin's I've seen. And I need those twill jodhpurs. So very much, in fact, I went back and visited them for a second time in my mall. Do want.

The quality is poor and as such, I'm not willing to fork up $30+ for crappy fabric but then I am a greedy ho and I will finagle me a piece eventually, cheaper, with my super awesome persuasion / blackmail powahs.

That being said, I really want Rick Owen's leather zipper pant legging things. 2 Cool.

p.s my life is pretty intense right now so I'll be putting up scheduled posts if anything in the next week so bear with me! xoxo.