07 July 2008

it's ninety nine cents or less...and up

WARNING: EXTREMELY BORED TEENAGER WITH NO SCRIPT. I got bored after I got home and I found my piggy bank. I didn't edit the video so it is not at it's true "WAT" potential. I kind of lost my marbles in the last 10 seconds so you'd best ignore that.

A better woman than I would not post this video, because of something called dignity and self-preservation. I lack both so it's no problem. In before the definition of prenuptial, I know what it is. >_>

I'm lame and I have nothing in particular to write about today other than I'M TEENVOGUE GIRL OF THE WEEK and I FOUND A NEW THRIFT STORE. Chhhhkayeah.
Look, a TV'r.... man I hate puns.

Anyway, the new thrift is kind of a hellhole and extremely tiny but I don't care, it's new and it's named "G-Ma's Thrift Storeplace" and how can that be wrong. I can imagine so many shady things happening in the back of G-ma's. Like... illegal poker with old ladies (using vintage brooches as coins) and smoking lavender. I'll be visiting it tommorow for a thorough examination and conversation with G-ma herself, because she has a a Jewfro and John Lennon glasses and I seriously cannot resist that.

Also, here are my favorite pictures of the moment. You can click on them to be directed to their flickr.

I really enjoy this person's work in particular.

So those are today's pictures. I have a neverending love for gloomy, it's obvious.

Also, Disney Roller Girl has a great post on NEW trends, check it out. And for the super amazing awesome Amerley, HI! You made my day.

I've been getting a few emails from people wanting to know more about me so to make my life and yours a little bit easier I'll just do a Q&A post: ask and you shall be answered.