09 July 2008

what's in a box?

While my actual shopping endeavors seem to be kind of dead right now, I guess someone somewhere pitied me and let me stumble upon some kind of vintage treasure trove yesterday. It's funny, I found this all when I was looking for printer paper... It's a bunch of letters, Polaroids, sketches, and travel trinkets from my adopted Grandmother's and her sister's travels to France and Italy. My Grandmother is dead now so it makes me happy that I found these. It reminds me of something Rhiannon would like.

I used two different filters, the results are delightful aren't they?

I'm actually posting with some kind of schedule this week, aren't you proud? Fingers crossed my new video camera (the one i've been using to take this pictures doesn't work without the wall cord...LAME) coming in will work for the weekend so you'll get the posts I've been brainstorming. Mostly: the video guide to vintage in dirty Jersey (for those TV'rs who've emailed me about it) and OUTFIT POSTS BECAUSE I MISS BEING NARCISSISTIC.

To compensate (myself) here's a guy I am kind of in love with. He fulfills all necessities in order to make me love him: 1) Drape drape drape! 2) Those pants! 3) He's so goddamn shiny. Everyone loves shiny objects.

Altamira Man, you've done it again.

My dad read the blog yesterday, I caught him in the act. Hello, old geezer. Give me my goddamn allowance, I want that pink dress. Love you daddy.