12 July 2008

it's like the magic school bus and yes, your brother is cooler than you

Today was not a good shopping day for me. I never have bad shopping days (this is just a fact, I always come back completely happy with my purchases) so this was very depressing: my shoes I studded BROKE, the cheap crap, some fat ho bought my dress and the only other dress i really loved was sold and on hold too. Lame. But anyway. I went through my retail therapy already and I hope the chick that bought it can't fit into it and returns it and I can laugh at her / snatch it up and perform a victory dance. Me? Venomous bitch? Why, yes, yes I am.

These are my 8th grade uniform pants, as it might be apparent. The front pockets are lovely but in the pictures I look a bit of a slob with my shirt half tucked, so eh. I'm going to take them in a bit via the Queen's pattern and see if it makes any visible difference.

Things abigail bought today (I am borrowing every peice, thanks)

If I could marry a vest it would be this vest. It's so odd and lovely. Methinks she spent $24 total on the skirt and vest.

Burberry collection is datchu? My legs look delightfully stubby but I still like the dress. It's been in the store for ages so I guess it's been waiting for me. Methinks I shall pair it with my heeled oxfords for school and call it a day. $12.

I also took a (very spazztastic and odd) video of the store. Highlights: Badass McGee, Feather Purse, Nelly & Fred (Hello!), and Members Only Jackets for $18 a pop. You'll see it soon.