29 July 2008

wheat grass? feet grass.

and you thought school was on break...

When Arabelle woke up in the morning, she was feeling:
A) Delightfully Peachy
B) Tired / Zombielike and Mindless
C) Eggs

Like most days during the summer, she was running ____ for school:
A) Early
B) Late
C) Bacon

Most people wear ____ clothes when they are running (2) for school.
A) Basic, Comfortable, logical
B) Stripper
C) No (I'm not a nudist..)

Arabelle follows common sense like other people when she is running (2) for school. (T/F)

Answers: Well, judging by what I ended up wearing I think you can get them yourself. I've been playing with patterns lately and if today's experiment wasn't successful, at least it fun to look at.... the colors made me happy. Blue is my favorite color, if you didn't realize by now.

The Neiman Marcus bag is actually something of a treasure chest full of gifts the person I house sat for last week gave to me. She found out I was on Elle.com and gave me a bunch of Elle back issues, Vogue Backissues (I read all of 2005-06 at her house though) and various other things. What's I'm most stoked about are these lovely presents though...

I spy with my little asian eyes.... sheets of semi-sheer white fabric, ribbons, lace, elastic and heaven.

P.S Dudesss I have been posting a lot daily, pretty freaky right Amelia? Considering I suck at schedules.. Anyway tomorrow I'm going to Six Flags and I'll be busy for the rest of the week but expect the Vintage Shopping Guide on Thursday I suppose. Have a great day!