29 July 2008

thou shalt not covet

Songe Des Robes

Raphael Dallaporta for Stiletto Magazine

Thou shalt not covet? Pfftttt.... Covet away.

You should fall in love with:

Sacha Hilton.

His eyes hurt my feelings. And you know, his photography is epic too.

And my friends.

"you! horrible horrible person! your blog has single handedly taken my mode of throwing name brands on myself in a conformist-nonconformist fashion and thrown it out the window. I'm gonna be spending a lot more money on clothing because of you. Help me shop?"

That made my day. Hi Kirsten. (And sure, call me. xD)


Vintage Vinyl said...

Wow. Those are... breathtaking.

MR style said...

amazin post !! breathtakin pictures of those dresses !! but dont know why u put sacha hilton ! no real link here but anyway

elise said...

great blog, great blogger.

keep it up !


Copycat Sasha said...

Those are amazing! Are they dresses? Absolutely incredible

Arabelle said...

yep, they're dresses.

mr. style: yeah it's a link to is blog, silly. xP

Amelia said...

Wow, the silhouettes are amazing. Drool.

Sacha Hilton said...

Thank you for this article lol =)

BeatificFashion said...

The images are simply amazing! Who designed all of these flowr-like dresses?