16 July 2008

can't you see the sun is shining for me

I'm sorry, whenever I think of Mono I don't think of it as referring to color hahaha....it's the teenager in me. This, from MarieClaire Korea (?) is spot on, though. You can get a paneled shirt like the one above at forever 21, I saw one last time I went.

Fall runway past had plenty of monochromatic outfits, I remember Givenchy had this hot pink suit but I can't be bothered to find it because my internet is wonky. Anyway, I'm very amused by this because everyone is hailing it to be the shit while like most trends, it's nothing new.

See? Attachment did one color outfits 08 RTW. Then, they've always had muted colors. I adore their 08 09 very much, it's so romantic. If I were to want a boy dressed up as Oliver Twist he'd better be decked out in Attachment.

Mmmm Vogue Nippon. Elle Girl Korea is very cute too, very popular with the bloggers. I want a silk pouf dress now!

After school today I dropped by G-ma's really quick again. They're painting the whole store pink. I love it even more now. Pepto-mismol pink and cardboard boxes full of velour dresses make me feel like I'm in fashion reject-land, so it's all the more satisfying when I pick up a floor length black sheer jacket for $1.40. It has random ties in the front and I spent about half an hour tying them oddly to get different variations of drape. Very fun. The pictures came out tres shiteous though, I'll try to get them done tommorow.

Recommended Reading:
This designer turned his hand instead to transforming a leather butcher's apron into a sinuous evening dress. He ripped apart a vintage tulle ballgown and turned it into a sequence of beautifully cut jackets.
And I've been awarded from 3 blogs! You all know who you are *squish hug*. Thanks ladies!

And my seven favorite Briliant Blogs are... (in no particular order)

  1. Tavi of Style Rookie. Because we have a rap group about knit sweaters, sheep vests and thrifting. If we weren't already married I'd move to Chicago and adopt her as my little sister. True story. Is my rabid fangirlism bothering you yet? No? I'll try harder.
  2. Mary of Hail Mary. I swear I've taken pictures of every Mary I see because they reminded me of her. She is the ideal woman. Also, redheads rock. Stay strong beautiful!
  3. Stephanie of Fashion Robot. I started blogging because of her.
  4. Maddy of Urban Audrey. Brilliant sense of style and very very nice person.
  5. Wendy of Hand it Over. Superfly in ever shape and form. Her DIY skills are to die for.
  6. Vintage Vinyl because she always has amazing posts, amazing outfits and very pretty photography.
  7. Knight Cat. Religiously read it. Too good for words. Go be inspired.