11 July 2008

i miss jew, we used to make super cool titles

Talking to Bridget (hi Bridget!) about 'seeing' designers and seeing Teen Vogue's newest editorial, I kind of went crazy and woke up at 6 in the morning to put together a homage to Peter Jensen and geeks. The fad of geek chic is not new, but it's not fading away anytime soon--Luella made it mainstream with THAT skirt and BATMAN inspired shirts, and Peter Jensen (my favorite RTW designer, I don't classify CDG as RTW. It's pure clothes porn to me.) bought back vintage inspired looks. Jensen's previous runway is permanently in my head and the new editorial from TV just brought it to the forefront. I need that sweater.

I've noticed I have a predominantly brown, red, green wardrobe when it comes to my winter clothes. Hm.



The only major brand in this pile is Ralph Lauren... the lace shirt (black, next to studded belt) is f21.



Take 1: Too average. Not enough "me".




I AM SO HARDCORE I HAVE AN MCR POSTER. YES. Make fun of me and I'll take my stub left arm and beat you with it. (For the daft, I do not have a stub left arm.) On another note, I think this look does the best job. The cardigan has little gold sailor buttons, so cute.



For take 3 I used one of the turtlenecks as a skirt. It reminds me of CDG's infamous odd shapes, or maybe a flowery cancerous bulge. I like it.

..........anddd things I thought you'd like.


I got this at a window warehouse when we were renovating the house. It was behind a bunch of cracked lightbulbs, and $10 a roll I think? I got two.


I have a little ziplock bag full of all these odd pins and earrings. This particular one lights up. Cute.

Curiously enough, my geek chic looks are mostly dedicated to Tavi, because I miss her terribly and I love her geek glasses. Man I wish she was my little sister, that'd be a stylin' family if I ever saw one.

Also, the lovely people at houserocker sent me first look of Levi's new collection. Pretty sweet, I'm digging the shorts.

So, what do you think of the takes? Favorites? Love or hate?

See you tommorow!