08 July 2008

oh and she had neon diamond eyes and they shined so bright

Dearest Ferosh Fashion Fairy,

I have buyers depression.

This, dear fairy, is a step above, and above, and even more above your typical buyers remorse. It is the stuff that makes you stay up at night--three nights, to be honest, and makes you a dazed insomniac. I am not kidding here. I have not slept more than 4 hours the past three nights combined. Also I have been eating the same box of saltines for the past week. I wore my shorts inside out today! Not on purpose! If it were on purpose I would be all "in the name of fashion I hath acted as such" but it was because I am a zombie! A zombie, woman!

It all started a month ago, with a trot into my favorite vintage, and lo and behold, I spot lace. Not your typical lace, black and dowdy vintage....but cotton candy pink, tiered, and decadent. It was gorgeous. It was better than Prada. It could have been Prada's Mom, it owned the runway look so hard. "Oh, but what would I wear it with if I were to wear it to school?" "Nothing, because you wouldn't wear it and it'd go to waste," my dear friend Abigail told me. Still, I tried it on and still loved it so. I should buy it, right?

Goddamn right I should buy it for $12 a three tiered, all pink lace dress is the stuff of Prada and caged-skirt dreams. Make that should have, because I DIDN'T EFFING BUY IT AND NOW I CAN'T SLEEP AT NIGHT. I BOUGHT BLACK BOOTS. Because you can't ever find black vintage boots anywhere, of course not......

I'm going to go back and cry in the corner now.

Oh, and in my thoughts last night/ this morning at 4 o'clock, I style a photoshoot around the dress in my head. Caged skirts, clawed bath tubs, studs and striped tights, ravens and zippers and a dead snow white...... sfshkhsdfsdfsf. I feel like Patricia Fields without her tranny fabulous entourage! I am not a religious person but if there is a fashion fairy I WILL GIVE YOU RAMEN NOODLES AND MIU MIU SKIRTS. HELP ME OUT HERE.


Will give firstborn,

Belle the Fashion Pirate