22 July 2008

great minds think alike

I wasn't going to post this today, but after glancing over at Rebecca's blog I just couldn't not embrace the coincidence: bath tub, spectator shoes, dresses. Come on.

If you were to ask me what was the most sentimental items in my closet, these would probably be them. My first perfect pair of shoes I bought all on my own, and a family heirloom dress. This dress is more than twice my age, and it's still as timeless as when my aunt first purchased it in Paris for herself. It's gone through my aunt, her sister, my mom, and now me.

It's also the dress that scared me out of my mind when I saw it in my closet, I thought it was ugly and frumpy and I'd get laughed at if I wore it. It took me three weeks after I discovered it to actually try it on, another week before I got up the nerve to wear it to school. It changed my life, really; I never felt that confident and comfortable in my skin before and it showed. I think everyone needs something like that in their wardrobe.

Do you? What's your favorite dress, pair of shoes, whatever--just something you own that makes you feel invincible?

Also, I have long given up trying to edit my videos to make me seem just a LITTLE less raging teenager but it's not gonna happen. Do you still want to instill torture upon your eyelids? Genuine question.