21 July 2008

dear humanity, i want to beat you with my tripod

Life has been such a whirlwind lately. It must be piss Arabelle Off Week or something because I am not feelin' the love. Mr. Puggy is modeling my feelings.

I won't burden you with the gory details but the summary of my horrible week include: beaten cat, run-over dog, chasing people that threw rocks at my house, threatening pedophiles, and not enough skirts.

The highlights of the week are: sitting in a literal mountain of vintage clothes, sitting in a claw foot tub in a vintage slip and tiara, free clothes and jewelry, and not being dead.

This has pretty much been the uniform over the last few days. It's funny how my cheapest jeans ($3) fit me better than my designer denim. Have you ever had a case like that?

Click to enlarge. I would not wear this in public, before you ask. These pieces and the pieces from the outfit above it are pretty much what I wear religiously, on rotation--along with my flouncy skirt and my bandage one.

This is what I wore today. I am seriously considering taking her pillow and making it into a purse.... >_>

Today I went to Hipsterville I mean Hoboken. You guys might recognize Williamsburg as Hipstertopia but Hoboken has been pretentious and hip since before Williamsburg became yuppieland. I'm not even going to bother explaining the experience with words, not even my charming humor and good wit can save it.

She can, though. When I saw her I said to Abigail, "Wow, she is amazing." I guess I said it kinda loud because she stopped a good two seconds and looked back. Seriously though, isn't she a delight? I spent a good 8 minutes with Abigail stalking her. For someone who didn't know I took her picture, she sure does pose well.

i-D magazine

Elle Accessories.

I went to Barnes and Nobles and flipped through i-D, Vogue Nippon and Elle Accesories. Out of all of them, the most inspiration I got was from Elle Accessories--chock full of good stuff, go buy it, but i-D had great stuff on Daul Kim (I LIKE TO FORK MYSELF) and awesome spreads with CDG. I snuck pictures with my camera phone, but really you should check it out for yourself!

I really, really, really want a purple tutu and plaid tights. Need. Oh, and more black decontruction. Prada and CDG and Helmut Lang and Margiela, I still want your fashion babies.

Sometimes I am so disappointed in my lack of innovation I feel like nothing, like it's above me to try something new. And other times, I think it's just a matter of self-confidence and accessibility. You don't need a mile long closet to look the best in the room. This I know, but sometimes I don't quite buy it. You always want more, more, more, this, that, the other thing--and why? It looks good on other people, is why. I think when you get into fashion you get into other people's opinions.

If that's good or not, I don't know. It changes, you, certainly; you are more aware of what is a reference to whom, to what period, to what design. But I think if you're not careful you lose what you think is your own style because you're so interested in mimicking others. Something I've got to change, I know.

Oh, the woes of a pirate.

Cheers. ;)


Amelia said...

I think you're pretty good in terms of innovation, my dear. Well, at least it is an interesting week. I really want plaid tights, too. I just saw some plaid socks on the free people website, but $24 plus shipping seems like too much. A purple tutu would be nice, too.

Jennifer said...

"But I think if you're not careful you lose what you think is your own style because you're so interested in mimicking others. Something I've got to change, I know." I couldn't have said it better myself. I completely feel the same at the moment and feel as though I need to re-evaluate what MY OWN style is. Tricky, tricky.

Fashion Is Poison said...

i don't know why it took me so long to run into your blog but I LOVE IT. the 1st pic is a adorable. being a dog owner myself, i just crumble when i see such cute pictures!

ashley said...

Hehe, Mr. Puggy is very charming.
And I want plaid tights so bad too. Or pants. Damn that Henry Holland has got me clinging to anything plaid. Love your blog!

KATLIN said...

Purple bike & purple tutu!!!!!

emily said...

i need to spend a few hours at fashionpirates and catch up

in the meantime, i gave you a little shoutout on my blog :D
i was meant to give 7 awards out to various bloggers but took the easy option and just ranted briefly on why you're great

peace out

Vintage Vinyl said...

You got it perfectly when you were talking about trying so hard to mimic other people's style. I've been to Hoboken, but I didn't see a hipster there. I think I visited there before hipsters started multiplying.
I hope your days get better soon!

Tavi said...

Belle, LISTEN TO ME YOUNG LADY. You have unique style (cape...leather shorts...to name a few of your amazing articles of clothing that no one else has)and I for one certainly don't think your style is all mimic or whatever-it's creative and original, which is what I would like to be able to say for myself and my style. And no doubt numerous others feel that way too. If you don't mind me sounding a bit patronizing, your blog is incredibly popular because your style is so inspiring! I too tend to get that feeling where it seems as if I'll never really be satisfied with my closet because I feel like it's not "me" enough, and it's an empty feeling. I'm sorry you've been having a tough time and I'll gladly punch anyone in the face if you want, but feel better ok? If I could I would give you a jumbo hug and a rose pillow purse and that amazing girl's phone number. Then you can mega stalk her and when she turns around you can hide behind The Purse of the Gods. Aye aye!

Urban Audrey said...

aaah here we go again with the numbered posts.....:

1. that house is soooooo beautiful. if I were house sitting I would hide in a cuboard and never come out. except for chocolate chip cookies......

2. i've noticed that the more I read fashion blogs, etc it feels like I'm just trying to imitate others. fashion, i think, is partly about creating a desperate need for something and too often I feel like i get caught up in that and lose sight of what I actually like

Urban Audrey said...

and I forgot:

3. your pictures look so good now! new camera?

laia. said...

that picture of the girl in hoboken came out SUPER RAD.

and your description of Williamsburg/Hoboken was too spot-on/hilarious. You are such a great writer!

Belle said...

maddy: i've been borrowing my aunt's video camera and using the photo feature. man i don't know how i'll live when i give it back!

tavi: man i sounded really emo on the post, more than I meant. i adore you bb, thank you. :)

laia: why thank you, it's all the magic of good timing. :P

emily: ahhh! you're making me blush xD

Anonymous said...

I like your blog! Not too full-on, and not too kliché. And nice photos in a nice house.

The Clothes Horse said...

I love both outfits, those silver leggings are especially amazing! I adore the pug too, reminds me of the boston terrier my family used to have...

bewkworm said...

man, your photos are turning out so well, it's almost depressing. guess you won't need little old me anymore. ah, and i so enjoyed being an egomaniac. and hoboken isn't really hispterville, cuz all the hipsters have grown up and had kids. it's more park slope then williamsburg. they're all gentrified as fuck though. and stop dissing jersey, you know wouldn't find anyplace as cool as that g-ams or as cheap as helloagain in new york, so suck it up.get some fucking jersey prode already. i mean jesus, you've lived here long enough.

Tavi said...

You didn't sound emo at all...I just talk too much :P

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

the rule is that if you've had a bad week this week, you can only count on a better one next week. i hope things improve!

Knight Cat said...

i love to read what you write. and i completly understand the constant thinking of what really is your style ,but i think its fun to figure it out....and i hope you get the purple tutu! :)


Arielle said...

I'm sorry about ur awful week. Laying in a pile of vintage clothes tho that's pretty awesome!

Biianca said...

haha great post!!!
I love the first outfit so much! I dont see you in jeans very often! They look great!!
And your silver leggings are sick!!!
do you live in jersey??
I live in PA, so if so we arn't too far away! haha.