13 July 2008

one man's trash is....

Another Man's Treasure.

Since quite a few of you asked just where the hell to shop in Jersey, I hopped to it and headed to one of my favorite spots in dirty Jersey, Another Man's Treasure. It's actually quite close to New York City for all you City Kids--it's a block north from the Grove St. PATH stop. You have no excuse not to come.



I love Another Man's for several reasons: 1) it's a walkable distance from my school (for all your stalkers) 2) it's gorgeous, and the owners did everything themselves, from the display windows to crossing state borders to buy the clothes. It's also my first vintage store, and everything I've purchased here I've worn religiously. My Three Stooges Tee? Here, in the sales rack. My Brown and White heeled oxfords? Here.



The Designer and Couture rack, pretty prices for gorgeous pieces. I wanted to buy the whole damn thing; Chloe, Tibi, Betsy Johnson, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Pucci dopplegangers can I take you home with me?

She's going to count to three, open her eyes and the dress you wanted in your dreams will suddenly be hanging on the rack before you. It's not Jesus work, it's just her thing.

Meika is somewhat of local fashion icon, with good reason. She's always been what you'd classify as a cool kid: previously in the music industry, she's shopped at thrift stores and been in the industry all her life--she's been in trade shows with her family since she was 12. Her experience is evident in the presentation and pieces in the store. Oh, and she's probably the nicest person you'll ever meet. Plus, she has pink hair. Hello, people. Get to it.


Whenever I'm in the store I automatically gravitate to the shiniest, shaggiest things; it's kind of like moths to a flame. Here are some of my favorite things in the store at the moment. All very affordable to everyone other than negative bank balance me, so you should hop to it so I can borrow it the second you fork over the ridiculously inexpensive amount everything is. All you Brits coming to NYC with your money..... you know what to do.

Are you eyeing that odd shag cape and blue butterfly sweaters? Yeah, I am too....

I really like the Beach bag peeking out. Meika pointed it out and it's positively delicious. It has sand, a mini coke bottle and it's just the right amount of cheek.

It's like a magical column of every bag you didn't know you wanted.


If I were a 3 year old this would be my dig. I want the mary janes.

I also saw a cousin to MY DRESS, the pink tiered lace. This didn't have the tiers, but it was still pretty sweet. Here are my dress favorites, though.

I adore the color and paneling. This would be perfect for Mary, I think.

I actually had about 3 other yellow or acid green dresses on the sofa but I think all the acid colors would induce people into seizures. These are absolutely gorgeous though, aren't they? Stam for Patrick Demarchelier, I see you in that yellow dress...

It practically has your name on it, Jones. Oh wait. It does.



My favorite shoes in the store actually happened to be the mens shoes.... And that blazer is looking better and better the more I look at it.

In most instances, for vintage stores, you're paying for the location AND the clothes. By that, I mean in NYC, you're going to pay inflated prices you wouldn't see in a hole in the wall rural thrift store. It irks me when I hear people ask, "I'm going into the City, where do I shop???" It's understandable to want to shop in the city because it's the City, but you're not going to get any deals, really. That's why I like Jersey City for thrift more so than NYC--you get the location and the quality clothes without sacrificing anything. Another Man's is probably the best example of of the balance between location, price, and quality. Me likey.

All this good stuff, so little time... I tried on a purple denim high waisted pencil skirt and that odd pink knit cape and magic happened. I apparently grew wings of a hummingbird and this happened.



After that, I flew away.

*Many thanks to Meika and her husband for allowing me to interview her and generally attack the racks! You can read more about AMT at their website. They also have an EPIC dressing room with an amazing collage of inspirational pictures and style icons. If you can name 100 of them, you'll get a gift certificate. Of course, I won't show it to you, you'll have to go and try out yourself...


Tavi said...

holy shit holy shit holy shit
MUST GO THERE. Seriously, that's heaven. And Meika seems so nice! All the thrift stores I go to the people can be somewhat mean and pretentious but she and her hair are undeniably cool. Buy me that blazer.

Ok, seriously convincing my fam for us to head back to jersey asap. This is IT, people!
Andddd go on AIM.

Belle said...


i'm going to make you a skirt or something out of the spare tulle and floral fabric i have lying around. i made a new skirt yesterday anyway.

keira antoia rose said...

That blue dress is really great :)
The store seems like a great place to go. If I lived remotely close I would be there in a heartbeat. Maybe on my next visit to the city I will stop in!! Must convince parentals right away!

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Rosie said...

Oh my lord that is amazing! Why am I so far away?! (tear)

bewkworm said...

wow, those photos turned out great, i feel jealous. i wish my camera worked, so we could have a photo shoot. i miss those. when i get my money, i'm totally going back. i might even get that silk jacket, those i really don't what i would wear it with.

gnarlitude jen said...

This is an amazing post!
You totally need to take home that outfit your tried on, seriously.
I will definitely have to stop in the next time I'm close by.
BTW, congrats on also being featured in the Elle article, it was well deserved!

Elysia said...

Meika seems so cool!!

Katlin at URPLE said...

Those places look so fun to dig through! Vintage stores are my favorite to go to, malls/shopping centers/boutiques bore me now. I like online and vintage!

Amelia said...

Wow! That store looks amazing. Why can I never find stores like that?

Gaia M said...

that looks like the best vintage shop.

Gaia M said...

that looks like the best vintage shop.

City Chic Please said...

um, can someone say a paradise?
that place looks awesome. in pretty much every pic, i saw something that i completely adored.
and the blue dress is great :)

mary said...

I'm coming to Jersey!

store? what store? I need to see youuu!

ps: your pictures make me believe in God.

mary said...

I'm coming to Jersey!

store? what store? I need to see youuu!

ps: your pictures make me believe in God.

taybreatheselectricity said...

i wish i lived near jersey.

Mimi said...

This looks like...heaven!
I wish I lived in Jersey...I wish I lived in America :D
This looks too good to be true.

penelope said...

this store is poetic.

selinaoolala said...

i wish i could go there! the owners seem extra nice too and not snobbish about their stock!

The Clothes Horse said...

Oooh, the shop looks and sounds fantastic. And Meika looks amazing! All the vintage shops here are owned by really, really old people. They're sweet, but don't seem quite as interesting to have a conversation with.

susie_bubble said...

I love out of two spots like these...what a shop! Congrats on the Elle mention by the way...

teenvoguette said...

oh how i wish i lived near that thrift store!

Belle said...

yay, i'm glad you all like it! yes, the shop owners are really cool.

and tavi- i'm ALWAYS ON AIM. even when I'm away, I'm on. it's always connected on my phone, is why. just IM me silly!

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

i love how everything is organized, makes it all so appealing! i'm even drawn to sequins when in bulk!

Vintage Vinyl said...

Wow, that is AMAZING!!
I wish that was near me.

1234 said...

this shop looks sooo sweet. i wish i lived near cool places, damn.

Francis Girard said...

Dear Lord, this looks like a delightful haven for vintage goods. I now wish I had spent more time shopping when I was there than looking for Bon Jovis childhood home - totally lame. xf

Dapper Kid said...

Woooooooooow, that shop looks suuuuuuuuuuper!!!! And thank you so much for the lovely comment my dear!

Mimi said...

Oh I'm nearly crying because I really want to visit these shops and shop till I drop :D

It looks amazign.Why don't we have something like that here or why am I so far away???

I love that blue dress.

Kat said...

Um wow... pretty amazing place, i think! That tower of clutches, those gold shoes, all those sequined pieces, heavan. And it looks so pretty and well organised unlike my local vintage haunt!
Great post.

ambika said...

This looks like heaven to me.

Shirley's Place said...

That store looks fkin awesome!

Anonymous said...

next time in in the city i am so heading there.

fritha louise said...

Wow! That shop looks like the most amazing place ever. Reason number 2759342 and counting why it sucks to be British. You rarely find shops even half that calibre here..

Rollergirl said...

Oh man! I must visit this shop. I'm going to NY in September, how long would it take to get there? Is it on the subway? (Is that a really stupid question?) I know Jersey is near NY but...how near?

Copycat Sasha said...

this is my dream shop.

Miss V said...

interesting shop, sounds good. i recently wrote about the best places to shop whilst in london,paris,new york etc- wish i'd known about this place!

beccajanie said...

That whole shop looks like an absolute dream come true! Heavenly!

holly said...

i wish i saw this post 3 weeks before i went to shtanen island (well i didnt even know i was going 3weeks prior but thats not the point) we did soooo much shopping none vintage/second hand but ohmygosh! i wish i saw this i wouldve begged my friend to get her mom to drive us there ugh!

poppy:) said...

why do i have to live in england!!!
and i too gravitate to all things sparkly

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