25 July 2008

you can't spell prostitute without pro

Well technically it's probably after midnight when I post this but who's counting?

*Clarification: for some stores, you pay for the location and the overall look of the store, if you buy in Soho rather than some hole in the wall, even for the same product you'll probably pay more. Here, the location is pretty good considering the transportation and the prices are really cheap considering the quality and the store's appearance.

Also, I sound like a caffeinated squirrel.

Now, my outfit. It was so amusing to play with the length and strings on the cape, seriously best $1.40 I ever spent. My program thinks I'm emo and antisocial anyway so I wore this not only because I like the cape but out of spite. They're just jealous they can't blend into the ~shadows.

Example of me blending into the shadows. I know, I'm so invisible.

Surfinn~ surfing U.S.A ~

I went to G-ma's again today (the walls look suitably Pepto Bismol, they're really outdoing themselves).

The jacket is really, REALLY odd, it's not tight fitting so it kind of bellows out, but it's just so wrong I like it. I haven't a clue what I'll wear it with, maybe the leather top I bought with it. All I need are leather and sheer paneled pants and I can look like a hooker / backup dancer for disco videos.

As for the publication dramas...

Imagine my feet going up the ass of every negative commenter concerning Winona and Tavi. Yes, my white frilley laced feet. Remember guys, for every person that's jealous you've got 50 people loving what you're doing. When you think about it, really, there's no such thing as bad press, right? (By the way, Tavi, my best friend wants to eat you. Not that that's weird or anything.)