18 July 2008

it's like two vases smacking into each other and like wrong, exponentially~

I was watching a marathon of movies on TCM again yesterday and all I thought of in this movie was, "Dayum John Derek is a god / looks like Zac Posen / I want ice cream."

I spelled Bogart wrong. It's the Harry Potter nerd in me, I am sorry Mr. Bogart. You still rock hard.

Andddddd the sheer capelet thing I bought the other day. It's so pretty and gothic, I wish I had Margiela ripped jeans and Erin Wasson's Lowluv line and then I'd be the coolest person in the state.

Cheap Monday's with leather inslits, $10 ; Black Lace Blouse; $19.80; DIY Studded Shoes; $6; Black Capelet, $1.40?

I shall be seeing you tommorow, then. Back to my Turner Classic Movies. Have a great Friday!

To Wendy and Mary: Feel better soon kk? You guys had rough weeks by what it looks like so pretend I'm giving you your favorite ice cream and a huge hug. I wish I could!