23 July 2008

ain't no big thing, the earth just got a little smaller

To all the NYM Tavi skeptics and or/ haters, it's perfectly normal to be jealous of a 12-year old girl. If you didn't detect the sarcasm in that you should probably leave this blog, as it holds no merit for a dead monstrous soul such as yours.

Enlarge, natch.

I haven't seen Batman yet, unfortunately. No doubt I'll be toting these shades when I go.

It was really fun to put these looks together in my head, I hope you guys enjoy them. My camera attempted suicide twice today: the battery lid slid off and the battery plummeted 25 feet, and the other time the camera fell 6ft onto the hardwood floor. My blood pressure probably sucks right now.

Tommorow you'll see the video/(s), perhaps. That is, if it decides to upload. (I tried today, no dice.)


edit: in before "your hair looks odd" anons. There was no A.C in the house. That's right, I wore a winter blazer for you people in 90 degree weather. I'm allowed to look like hell.