29 July 2008

dear antoine peters, please marry me


I'm falling in love, oh I am falling in love so fast....Antoine reminds me distinctly of h.Naoto (very popular, visual kei-like japanese brand... very Final Fantasy and awesome..) in the end statements, but some peices remind me of CDG, the bear bag most definitely. I am not lucid enough to describe my love right now but it's justs so clean, easy, drapey... graphic... and the approach to fashion is just so happy, not serious, you know? I adore that. It's not suppoed to be stuffy. I adore me some Jacob's businesss-fashion but I am always and forever a fangirl of unadultered artistic exploration first, business ventures second.

Antoine states: "I love to play with extremes and proportions in materials, prints, silhouettes and concept. By mixing or even merging these extremes I try to create something new and fresh. For this collection, it resulted in the ancient question of 'thick versus thin'. My whole presentation pleads for being fat, but with a slightly ironical tone beneath the surface. In fact I do not even answer this question – the whole point was a small fashion party!"

Antoine Peters is known for his A SWEATER FOR THE WORLD! project; a 2-person sweater with the goal to photograph as many ‘different kinds of people’ as possible wearing it. These big series of pictures with a weird fun collection of people show ONE world with different kind of styles, ages, points of view,
values, religions and imaginations.

Antoine Peters

I think it's love at first sight because the irony and fun behind it all. Serious, humorless people and I don't really relate so when you name a collection something like that you're bound to make me look into it. Yay for irony.

I have a scarf like the hoody dress thing... How I wish, how I wish it would turn into a dress over night..

Edit: AHHH you're more than welcome, Antoine. o_o I am glad you like my crazy and enthusiastic words. xoxo


Farren said...

oooh. the newspaper dress! =)

steelcloset said...

I love that teddy bear with the newspaper cutouts! Doooopeee!!!

Squishybubble said...

Holy Crap!!! I LOVE IT!!!
XDD Squishybubble

Squishybubble said...
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Tavi said...

Since you're having his fashion babies that means they're mine too. Let's buy them sweaters made from magazine cut outs and give them huge teddy bears and instead of strollers we'll carry em around in a sweater for the world sack.

The Clothes Horse said...

Love the drapey shape and look to these pieces. Fashion as art is my first love too. I can't wear most of it and I'm not certain I would if I could, but it's so gosh-darn stunning that I drool over it every time.

susie_bubble said...

Antoine's stuff gets better and better.... loved his sweatshirt project...so cute!

Amelia said...

I love the newspaper outfit--It makes such a cool pattern. You always introduce us to the most interesting designers.

Anonymous said...

wow...very artsy and avant-garde.