26 July 2008

you should run before you walk...

I get a bunch of emails a week concerning where to shop / how to shop vintage from TV'ers (Hi guys!) and I've decided to just post a mini series on the subject. I'll be releasing posts on the subject in parts, because I talk too much and it's all my insomnia is good for anyway. It'll be for NJ/NY specifically but you can adapt it to wherever you are, methinks. Ask me some questions and I'll answer them in the posts.

Anyway, I've always been into obnoxious prints and I fell in love with a boy dressed all in plaid the other day whilst walking over to my job. Blue plaid backpaid, black / grey plaid vest, white pale striped shirt, plaid pants and gorgeous Frye black boots. It was amazing, hence my stalking him for a good 5 minutes and when he looked back to see why an odd girl with hippy dry shampoo hair was following him, I had to hide behind a bush. I shall call him Mr. P, for both Paradise and Plaid. He listens to french pop and alt rock in my head, and reads Hitchcock in his spare time.


Naturally because of my encounter with Mr. P I haven't been able to get plaid out of my head. It's been in my head for a few weeks anyway, but I decided to take out my plaid two-peice set and mess around with it. A few pins here and there and a new look is formed. Original look, to now.



It feels like a mix between Henry Holland's plaid and Vivienne Westwood. Eugh... that sounds horrendous but I like the skirt nonetheless.



Also guys, please take two seconds to vote for the lovely girls on the right, Laurel and Isabel! They deserve to win and are so so so close, so every vote counts. Isabel is 50/50 with the other chick, so tell all your friends!

Also, this is the true NJ experience. I wanna go.