27 July 2008

guess who's back back again

Just because it merits a post of it's own (and we all know how I like my long, fat posts of various subjects so this is pretty important)

Agathe be back. Or rather, she never really left--she's just been posting on her backup blog.

Click here.

Mostly photography, less frequent; it's not as extensive as Style Bytes but it's good to know she didn't die, right? Drop a comment.

Now back to Robocop.


jaZZy. said...

love your blog, great posts! i'll be sure to visit often. Thanks x

Paris Tarts said...

I love ur blog!!!!!


keira antoia rose said...

Congratulations! I've decided to award you the Brilliant Weblog Premio! Check my blog for more info.

xoxo isbella clarisse xoxo

jaZZy. said...

ps- i read about your love for both Mathias Lauridsen and Boyd Holbrook! i almost fainted. I swoon at the thought of either :') lovely taste in fellas you have

mary said...

Girl, I will always be yours <333

KATLIN said...

I was excited when I stumbled across her page. I was browsing mindlessly last week and was like wait, what, STYLE BYTES?!? Haha Too bad she doesn't do more outfit posts, but it's good to she's alive!