23 July 2008

ain't no big thing, the earth just got a little smaller

To all the NYM Tavi skeptics and or/ haters, it's perfectly normal to be jealous of a 12-year old girl. If you didn't detect the sarcasm in that you should probably leave this blog, as it holds no merit for a dead monstrous soul such as yours.

Enlarge, natch.

I haven't seen Batman yet, unfortunately. No doubt I'll be toting these shades when I go.

It was really fun to put these looks together in my head, I hope you guys enjoy them. My camera attempted suicide twice today: the battery lid slid off and the battery plummeted 25 feet, and the other time the camera fell 6ft onto the hardwood floor. My blood pressure probably sucks right now.

Tommorow you'll see the video/(s), perhaps. That is, if it decides to upload. (I tried today, no dice.)


edit: in before "your hair looks odd" anons. There was no A.C in the house. That's right, I wore a winter blazer for you people in 90 degree weather. I'm allowed to look like hell.


your dear admirer. said...

it's almost as if all 'cool blogger girls' are cut from the same cloth; quote unquote effortless ensembles that are much too damn 'cool' to explain, same emaciated poses, and an unnervingly annoying love of all things 'vintage' that really translate into the 'TOTALLY AWESOME' looks of the day (a.k.a a sloppy mess).
and if you can't see the sarcasm in that, there is no reason for you to be reading this.


Belle said...

my dear admirer:


your dear admirer. said...

but of course, since the thought of karma lurks, i will let you know i appreciate your wit, funny sarcasm, etc. keep on with what you are doing; just know that your dear admirer does not appreciate those things listed above (and proceeded to tell you so in a lash of rage).


Stephanie said...

Ooh I like these ideas...Especially the batman glasses one! I might copy them all actually, shh.

The douchebags who think Tavi is a fake are ridiculous and I told them so. Uh, sorry there are 12 year olds out there with decent grammar? They should've seen my writing style when I was twelve, haha. Although unfortunately my dress sense wasn't as good..

Belle said...

haha, dear admirer: thank you. :) i know who you are now. sorry about that, i calmed down now.

your dear admirer. said...

you've done nothing wrong. now, please continue on in your successes because i would enjoy seeing you in more 'top 10 blog' lists.


steelcloset said...

I love the Yakuza look. You need a sword prop or some shit like that.

Ella said...

Love them all, but especially love the last one. It looks like some sort of optical allusion with all the clashing patterns.

Farren said...

i read the article. it did seem a bit underhanded of them.

Hannah Cheeto said...

The outfits are really cute, and I think your hair looks fine! The heat sucks though.

And, um, wtf is "you dear admirer." saying?

bewkworm said...

i like the first one. i think if you wore those glasses in public, people might scream and run away, cuz they kinda make you look deranged... and the third one looks really hot. you're gonna go out into the discusting heat with a coat on?also, did you run around in the 5-minute long rainstorm last night? ah, i love lightning so much.

elizabeth said...

YAKUZA BATGIRL IS YOUR NEW LOOK. i am serious, its so good!!

i want those glasses arabellle. I WANT THEM.

susie_bubble said...

Pointless snidey hating in general is just that...pointless.... disgusted at the whole Tavi/NYMag thing.... formulaic as 'cool blogger girls' can be...I say the more the better!

your dear admirer. said...

no doubt tavi is a unique part of the blogger world; NYMag's suspicions are improperly warranted and I do not agree with them on that. once again, creativity and popularity are envied by those who do not have it.
if you could speak to tavi on my behalf, let her know she has atleast one admirer ... a dear one at that. ;)

p.s. and if you wonder 'wtf' I am talking about, figure it out yourselves. and susie, no this is not pointless snidey hating. but if your comment was not directed at me, my sincerest apologies.


Biianca said...

I read the comments about Tavi too!
Ahhh they made me so angry!!!
She is awesome

And YOU!!! you are awesome too! I love your floral skirt so much!

emily said...

your outfits are amazing and i love your photography. <3

Belle said...

aw, thank you guys. :)

Arielle said...

I like the first outfit. The second picture of u twirling makes the pattern on the skirt look really fun

Urban Audrey said...

ooh I like numero tres...all those deliciously clashing prints...and you've got the homeless person slouch perfected

p.s. the store where I got that dress is called Love Saves the Day. 119 2nd Ave.

your welcome.

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

aw, what fun pictures. i especially like the one of you spinning!

Laurel said...

That first look is stunning, great combo of colors and pieces. I definately hope everything is okay with Miss Tavi, I miss her already. Eff NYM. I'll kick them in the grill.

Those slacks in my post are just regular fit, they probably look like jodphurs because of my total no-ass. FAAACK. hahahaha

Hope you're having a wonderful week, bb!

Anna Pope said...

Love the first look so much, and the completely crazy mix of prints in the last one.

Avi said...

hey doll
love your blog
question-how do you do these collage type things
i've been using polyvore but it really only works for items on a white background, no type, no pictures
anyways, i was just curious