23 August 2013

quote work attire unquote

Scheduled post, still in London and these pictures are my living room mid-construction work. It's a favorite spot of mine for photos -- same place these two posts were shot --- but it's hardly recognizable at the moment with all our trinkets in storage. We're replacing a lot of the windows and renovating the attic into a little paradise for me. Custom closets say WHAT. 

This is just an outfit I threw together in very literally one minute after getting a last minute email for a meeting. I really wanted it to be ten degrees cooler out, so I could wear my Comme des Garcons tumor cape over this because it's not quite weird enough for me, but I guess it was for the best since this is also as close to business casual I can get with my wardrobe hahaha. It's very hard to find button downs in my size that are made well, I'm a snob so I'll just wait until a Helmut Lang top pops up in my size somewhere. I know it'll be worth it. 

Outfit details.... this hat is my dads, it's a vintage Stetson. Luckily for me (and horrible for him), all his hats have shrunk to the point where they fit me perfectly, and I've consequentially stolen each and every one for myself since middle school. I love me a good hat. This top is not new to the blog either, I got it on a Goodwill trip in freshman year and it's served me very well. Jeans were c/o PacSun, but they aren't available anymore so I linked to some alternatives above. The bag was a surprise from Rebecca Minkoff last summer I think -- it fits my tablet & wallet perfectly, so you know it'll be a school essential. And the shoes....are basically my everyday pair. I am so lazy and out of practice with actual heels, I wear these creepers every day. I'd be ok with just having a million pairs of creepers and no other shoe option, honestly. If you want your creepers to last, skip the Demonias and go straight for a pair of Underground, though. The difference in quality is so noticable and worth it, and your shoes will last way longer.

My hair fades to different shades of green so quickly and grows SO fast, I don't know for how long I can frankly afford to even have short (and green) hair at this point when my undercut grows like an inch every two weeks! Topher @ ARROJO is always in shock whenever I come in for a buzz at how fast it's grown. I really love how short hair has directed my style though, I feel not necessarily more masculine, but not so automatically femme when I put together an outfit. I just like mixin it up. Though I suppose since I'm so known for absurd hair colors at this point maybe it will be the ultimate challenge to one day soon go back to brown hair. One day....