27 August 2013

kentish town calling

Hi darlings! I'm blogging this from my phone in London, so I apologize for  weird coding, blogger isn't the best for mobile blogging. I love London, it's just as fast paced as Nyc but there are more pubs and cute accents here. -My best friend Scott, who I'm visiting, took these photos and then my camera promptly decided to flash low battery and die and my charger isn't a fan of uk adapters. The dress is from Choies c/o and I picked it specifically for this trip. I think it was the perfect decision, right?

This neighborhood is so cute, I saw pictures of it literally hours before I left NYC and immediately knew thishad to be the first place I visited. I am not a very good tourist, I haven't done any of the requisite landmarks yet though I will force myself to sometime during my trip, probably...hopefully...maybe.

Anyway, I'm starving so I'm going to go eat some leftover pizza and plan my day. I'm sorry I am a bit slow in responding to emails at the moment, I'll be back in the states soon. (edit Actually, this post is going up from my bed at home! Anyway.) Hope all is well.