11 August 2013

lingerie sunday: mimi holliday ss2014

I attended CurveExpo with some lingerie blogger friends and was lucky enough to get appointments with some of my favorite brands. Hour long show and tell with silk and lace and hot babes modeling lingerie that isn't even out yet? Sign me up! I wanted to show you Mimi Holliday's work first because I'm so exited about it! Buyers are still placing orders on all of this, so you won't see any of this in stores for months, but perhaps earlier online, if you're lucky. Mimi goes up to an F cup and also does maternity bras, while still being very affordable for luxury lingerie (I believe the average bra runs about $80, which is reasonable for the quality and craftsmanship you're getting. It's a step up from Victoria's Secret in terms of both quality and price.) Mimi bras fit true to size on me, probably the best fit for me actually, as I have a slim frame. I'm a big fan; super stoked to have been able to preview their new products up close. There is a lot to show you, so most will be under a cut.

You'll also find shoppable links to similar Mimi Holliday pieces that you can buy right now (w/ free shipping and for less than $30!), if you like what you see....

The polka dotted sheer things Mimi does are really, really beautiful in person, and the polka dots do actually seem to reinforce the product which just adds to the pretty. That polka dotted bodysuit is a favorite, I hope it gets bought up by lots of stores. 

Simple ruched ribbon garters like this are my favorite, I think. I love this set. 

This particular collection -- tap pants, balconette bra, etc, is my favorite. The color combination is totally refreshing and unexpected and I couldn't stop obsessing over it, and I never wear or even like yellow usually. 

So many pretty things! Since this stuff won't be available just yet, I've compiled a list of similar styles from their past collections around the net that are on sale  if you are so inclined. These are the best prices you'll likely see on them, and most if not all of these will ship free w/ free returns if they're not for you. Nordstrom and Journelle have great, great customer service and both stock Mimi Holliday regularly, I usually buy from them and they're in this roundup:

K! Hope you're as inspired by these pretty things as I am. xxxxoxoxo.