06 August 2013

lingerie fw day two: cuteness and respectability

Romwe Printed Dress, Rebecca Minkoff Metallic Pink Bag (similar) c/o,  Qupid Holographic Flats c/o, Vintage Necklace, Urban Decay Jilted Lipstick c/o. 

My outfit for Day Two of  LingerieFW, snapped by Caro after the Dita show. Thank you my dear! You should give yourself more credit as a photographer, huhuhu.

 Anyway, I got this dress while I was in Taipei last summer and I wore it quite a lot this spring (even instagrammed an outfit in it before) and then totally forgot about it until the other day. I've been much more into sparser color palettes and less patterns (you'll see what I mean in a few more posts, which are things I wear on a day to day basis) but I realized I'd never documented this dress or bag before and couldn't pass up the opportunity to bring them out on such a pretty day. It's a super obnoxiously vibrant, baroque, femme outfit and it was disconcerting how different dudes (and different kinds of dudes specifically) treat me in this compared to my now pretty  uniform outfit of red velvet shorts, leather harness and a scowl. I think it's mostly because being cute implies you're harmless or passive or something when you're a 5 ft 3 something girl like me, and I am.....not okay with that idea of pretty.  It doesn't make me feel safe or in charge of myself.

Some snaps from the Nevaeh presentation -- super into that set on the blonde especially. 

I do think I look really cute in this outfit and it makes me feel confident when I'm walking around with girlfriends but I feel a little more at home in things decidedly more dark. It's more confusing and harder to swallow and I like disrupting people's ideas of respectability when I mess with what cute/femme/ladylike means. The day after I wore this, I wore a floor length black dress and no makeup to balance out my mojo....hahaha. Of course, I am on my period and thus feel like dying and killing everything also so that....is certainly....an influence to my outfit choices. BUT! BESIDES THAT! I've definitely made a conscious decision to set aside my super colorful outfits for awhile....in fact, I've set side racks of clothes to sell in late September along with some other cuties. If you're in Brooklyn in September, you'll be a happy babe, I promise.


Law whalebone said...

That outfit is amaze balls, from the dress to those bad boys on your feet! This underwear looks so pretty, I'm so lazy on that front I'm a bit of a kid and would prefer pants that had sponge bob on (as I'm just that cool haha). Loving your hair at the mo btw, you make me want to go back to green x

Ana said...

I'm much more concerned/irked by the change in perception of authority figures (employers, most of all) that my choice in clothes makes.

People who have known me for years in short-hair-jeans-tee-sneakers fall all over themselves if I let my hair grow, put on a dress shirt and ballet slippers.

Who knows what would happen if they saw me in a cute (yet work-appropriate) dress ಠ_ಠ !

Elen Maii said...

Your dress sense is absolutely perfect, I love the outfit you're wearing! Fantasic blog, I love how you talk about your subject on an in-depth level.


Aida said...

I love your Romwe dress, it's amazing!


Allison said...

I feel this post a lot. I think I'm starting to understand you idea of being a girlmonster on a deeper level than I did before. The other day I was visiting New York City and I was nervous for the crowds and the hustle and bustle, so I put on an all-black outfit and purple lipstick. It felt like armor in a way that clothes never had for me before. I feel especially powerful in outfits that make me look strange and scary, and I'm starting to feel more at home in that state. Anyway, your outfit here is beautiful, but I understand that being cute all the time is hard.

Zoë said...

"I am.....not okay with that idea of pretty. It doesn't make me feel safe or in charge of myself."

You look as gorgeous as ever, but this line particularly struck me. I have a few beautiful feminine dresses, and I do notice that men do treat me with more 'respect' in them, opening doors, using a different tone of voice. Most days I dress quite androgynous and the attitude is totally different. I feel more sullen and defiant when I'm like this, I don't know I do get a kick out of it and messing with their idea of whats appropriate for women to wear.

Chanel said...

This is totally kinda a sort of old post (wait isn't it weird a post from 3 weeks ago is old?)- but I just wanted to comment a little on that idea of "cuteness" you mentioned. I just found that statement, in a way, kinda relatable. I have this one nearly knee-length b&w polka dress that gives me the same feeling, except nothing's really going to change how guys view me. Because, I have a really muscular build from gymnastics&wrestling- like the sort of muscles that you can see visibly flex when I just /walk/. I feel that, unlike a lot of girls, I can't really switch between the cute/cool/tough/etc look as well as others, because the sheer fact that I'm off the traditional spectrum of femininity. I usually dress like a sort of a quirky punk, because I kinda decided if I look so non-effeminately strong, that I would just run with it. I am not /cute/ and /passive/ like you say how sometimes dressing cute seems to convey. But even though, I'm not traditionally attractive (regular features/soft "feminine" body), I damn well will wear my cute little dress, and feel cute for a day, before I switch out to my leather jacket, boots, and pounds of silver jewelry.
Just my personal thoughts on "being cute", oops that was most definitely /not/ a "little" comment.

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