06 August 2013

lingerie fw day two: cuteness and respectability

Romwe Printed Dress, Rebecca Minkoff Metallic Pink Bag (similar) c/o,  Qupid Holographic Flats c/o, Vintage Necklace, Urban Decay Jilted Lipstick c/o. 

My outfit for Day Two of  LingerieFW, snapped by Caro after the Dita show. Thank you my dear! You should give yourself more credit as a photographer, huhuhu.

 Anyway, I got this dress while I was in Taipei last summer and I wore it quite a lot this spring (even instagrammed an outfit in it before) and then totally forgot about it until the other day. I've been much more into sparser color palettes and less patterns (you'll see what I mean in a few more posts, which are things I wear on a day to day basis) but I realized I'd never documented this dress or bag before and couldn't pass up the opportunity to bring them out on such a pretty day. It's a super obnoxiously vibrant, baroque, femme outfit and it was disconcerting how different dudes (and different kinds of dudes specifically) treat me in this compared to my now pretty  uniform outfit of red velvet shorts, leather harness and a scowl. I think it's mostly because being cute implies you're harmless or passive or something when you're a 5 ft 3 something girl like me, and I am.....not okay with that idea of pretty.  It doesn't make me feel safe or in charge of myself.

Some snaps from the Nevaeh presentation -- super into that set on the blonde especially. 

I do think I look really cute in this outfit and it makes me feel confident when I'm walking around with girlfriends but I feel a little more at home in things decidedly more dark. It's more confusing and harder to swallow and I like disrupting people's ideas of respectability when I mess with what cute/femme/ladylike means. The day after I wore this, I wore a floor length black dress and no makeup to balance out my mojo....hahaha. Of course, I am on my period and thus feel like dying and killing everything also so that....is certainly....an influence to my outfit choices. BUT! BESIDES THAT! I've definitely made a conscious decision to set aside my super colorful outfits for awhile....in fact, I've set side racks of clothes to sell in late September along with some other cuties. If you're in Brooklyn in September, you'll be a happy babe, I promise.